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Of great teams and industry’s expectations from freshers- alum Krishnendu Kunti, Associate Director of Model N talks about all-things important

Posted on: October 14, 2017

“Life is a wonderful journey; work, career, ambitions are part of it and not the other way round. For me, career is a process of self-discovery. You don’t know what will click in your career from that day of placements,” says Mr. Krishnendu Kunti, KIAMS alum of Batch 2001, who presently is the Associate Director of Model N.

Krishnendu has seen meteoric rise in his career in the past 15 years and reflects on the journey, the contributions of his B School, and reveals how future managers can carve a niche for themselves in the competitive corporate world.

A team isn’t formed within the sip of a coffee

Mr. Kunti’s dynamic career started as an Associate Consultant with Satyam and includes a seven year stint with a top brand like Infosys. He is not only looked up to as a successful manager but also is a much loved and respected team leader. “Sometimes, something as simple as a Good morning can do more wonders than you can probably imagine,” opines Krishnendu when asked about what it takes to form a team. He lets us into more secrets when he says, “Today’s managers have to wear multiple hats. A team doesn’t become high functioning only because its members are skilled. Only when it starts functioning like a living entity does it develop identity, responds to stimuli, seamlessly collaborates, and holds each other in success and failure.”

Innovation is not getting off-the-table anytime soon

Model N has been touted as the ‘next best thing’ and commended for being innovative. But according to Krishnendu, it’s not just the concept but also the entire work culture with the company that remains innovative. He asserts that it is a state of mind where employees look beyond run of the mill solutions, which is something future managers need to do as well. “Planning, collaboration and communication are the keys to the success of any project. You have to think out of the box but it can only be done when you know your business inside out,” he claims.

What exactly is the industry expecting from freshers?

Now an insider from the corporate world and a recruiter himself, Krishnendu understands exactly what the industry looks for, from future managers. He admits that today’s management graduates show a knack for innovation but organizations should also offer them fertile grounds to foster them. His mantra to juniors who might want to emulate his career graph is, “As a manager it’s important to make team members owners in work. At the same time remember that you are in business to make your client successful. Above all, respect everyone’s time and stay humble.”

Going back to KIAMS roots

Being humble comes to Krishnendu effortlessly even when he is soaring high in his career. He credits his time at KIAMS not only for the shape his career has taken but the attributes he has learned as well. He looks back on fond memories with his friends and faculty members on the lush campus as we sign off. “I feel the time spent in KIAMS has shaped who I am today in a significant way. I will always feel connected with the B School, the campus and my batch mates. In fact class of 2001 will have a reunion in Goa in October, which I look forward to,” he ends with a smile.

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