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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Nitin Baranwal,KIAMS 2010-2012 – “KIAMS Made Me Overcome My Fears”

Posted on: May 1, 2012

We all have to fight our worst enemy—fear of failure. Those who manage to win this battle end up achieving their goals. But believe me; this fight was very tough for me. Thankfully, when I joined Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), I started getting the vibes that eventually triumph will be mine. And I was right. A timid, shy and self-centered boy has now become a confident young man who has the guts to sell anything to anyone. Yes, this is my second birth and I love everyday challenges that life throws up.

I am a hardcore marketing guy, and this is precisely why I did my majors in marketing. I need to communicate every time I sell a product, an idea or a concept. But two years back, effective communication was really not my forte. Iwanted to write articles, but I always thought my vocabulary was not rich enough. Thankfully, the business and marketing faculty propped up my confidence and helped me improve my communication skills. When my first article got published in Chanakaya, it proved to be the turning point. A major confidence booster and I never looked back afterwards. Soon, I plan to start some enterprise of my own. These days we watch one advertisement on television which has a tag line—Badhti Ka naam Zindagi. I have seen this happening to me since I joined KIAMS.

The whole atmosphere at KIAMS is conducive to growth. The faculty is very good, extra-curricular activities, and programmes really help in overall growth of the students. They are encouraged to help each other, making the whole institute resemble to a big family. If you are not performing well in your field activity, your friends will always chip in with suggestion, solutions and every possible help. I have learned at KIAMS that you grow as a team and a strong team can help you sail through any storm of life. Fears vanish here and success becomes a way of life.

I feel good sharing my past and future with you. If I have been able to get it across well, then you can be rest assured that KIAMS will also help you do your best.

Nitin Baranwal



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