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Mr. Shyam Kiran (Project Controller – Daimler India Commercial Vehicles) talks about how KIAMS powered him on his road to success

Posted on: July 31, 2013

KIAMSDaimler India Commercial Vehicles is a 100% subsidiary of the World No.1 truck company, Daimler AG.  Daimler produces the prestigious Bharat Benz, for changing the economics of the Indian Trucking Industry. Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) alumnus Mr. Shyam Kiran is the project controller for the prestigious organisation. He has worked with Daimler for three-and-a-half years on Light and Medium duty trucks, launched in India in February 2013; the project is being seen as a real feather in his cap. While he steamrolls on the road to glory, he understands that the path was already laid out at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies. In his own words, “KIAMS gave me the platform to understand the real corporate world.”

Mr. Kiran won a coveted campus placement with Ashok Leyland, where he worked for three years in cost optimisation and business analysis. But in such a dynamic and competitive industry, he was quick to make his move when he heard of the Greenfield project at Daimler. This competitive spirit is also something that he thanks the institute for. “Oh yes, it’s rough weather on campus,” he admits, “but it prepares you for the corporate world. Business is ruthless.”

The training at the institute has left an indelible mark on Mr. Kiran as it helped him understand today’s discerning customers, business demands and pressures. And he speaks for his batch-mates too when he says, “Commitment and dedication to one’s task is something we value immensely thanks to the training we got.”

Another valuable lesson he has learned from KIAMS is that one needs to have a commitment to society as well, something the institute strives for. Through the rural marketing fair, Pragati, the institute allows villagers in the area to get the chance to experience the latest in consumer markets, the agri industry and agri finance.

Whether it was through the rural marketing fair, Pragati, industry integration or the summer internship, if there’s one big take-away for Mr. Kiran from his student years at KIAMS it is, “Never say NO.” This simple mantra has also seen him through tricky situations at work.  Be it while optimising costs with an organisation during a lean market period or meeting a target from top management when designs were well under way, he has come out on top every time.

As a student at KIAMS, Mr. Kiran got a helpful mix of theory and practical insights in his curriculum. But are the business schools today keeping up with the changing demands of industry?  “Business schools are evolving,” the power alumnus from KIAMS says thoughtfully. “But the industries are going through a tough time, and corruption and unethical practises have made things harder.” That’s the reason he hopes that schools take a more industry-oriented approach and make further room for practical interactive sessions.

Mr. Kiran is not too worried about the current placement scenario because for one thing, he believes that markets are cyclic in nature and secondly he says, “Skill, performance and potential can always find their space if you have the willingness to learn.  Above all, always believe in yourself,” are his parting words of advice to the students of today.

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