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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Mr. (Dr) Danappa Pattar is awarded with Ph.D from Gulbarga University, makes KIAMS proud.

Posted on: June 23, 2017

Mr. (Dr) Danappa Pattar, the much loved librarian at KIAMS has done everyone at the institute proud by successfully completing his Ph.D from Gulbarga University. He was recently awarded Doctorate in Library and Information Science, which was the just reward for his relentless efforts for 7 years. It wasn’t surprising that Information Literacy Among Rural Community: A Study Of Hyderabad – Karnataka Region’ was the poignant topic of his thesis, a subject he has always been passionate about.

To recognise his efforts and congratulate him on his fine achievement, a felicitation ceremony was held on the Hairhar campus. Dr. C. N. Narayana, Principal Director of the institute honoured Mr. (Dr) Danappa Pattar with a certificate and a token cheque. The moving ceremony was in keeping with the tradition at KIAMS to recognise members of the staff who might not be a part of the faculty but go the mile to build KIAMS brand. It was truly an emotional and proud moment for well. Well done, Mr. (Dr) Danappa Pattar!





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