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Mr. Anil Dhaneshwar delivers a talk on Customer Insight (CI) to students of KIAMS; focuses on the importance and opportunities of market research

Posted on: August 21, 2014

Students of KIAMS recently had a wonderful opportunity to listen to and learn from a talk on Customer Insight (CI) delivered by Mr. Anil Dhaneshwar, Managing Director, Genesis Management and Market Research Pvt. Ltd. He also has a personal connection with the Kirloskar Group as he once worked as the Executive & Head of Market Research Division at Kirloskar Consultants Ltd. He is not only proud of this association but was more than willing to share his experiences with the current KIAMS students.

news-events5Management aspirants at KIAMS could not have asked for more as they were given a chance to listen to and interact with a market research professional with over 20 years of experience in various industry sectors. And that’s just what he brought to the fore during the lecture that drew students in large numbers. Mr. Dhaneshwar began his talk by discussing market research and everything it entails. He had thus set the tone for the lecture, which would then go into intricate details of a wide-range of business practices. Mr. Dhaneshwar talked about “the importance of market research in the corporate environment”. He stressed the fact that “market research is an important element that helps companies get a handle on the ground realities in the market”. He then proceeded to describe different methods for market research, which was an eye opening experience for the students. They also learned more about the implications of different methods that the industry stalwart spoke of. And, since he was speaking from his own experiences, the points he made hit the right notes with his audience.

An important aspect of the lecture was the fact that Mr. Dhaneshwar focussed on the relevance of market research strategies in today’s market environment. It ensured that students from the institute understood the practical applications of the concepts they had learned so far. To make things clearer he also discussed the various factors that lead to changes in the marketplace.

He not only talked about survey, visit, observation and mystery, but he also explained each concept in great detail for the students’ overall benefit.

Mr. Dhaneshwar ended his talk by offering important statistics on market research volume in India and its growth potential. His talk also resonated with students because he spoke to them about the opportunities they have in the industry as far as customer insight is concerned. Requirements of these job profiles were also described to students who listened with keen interest. Poignantly, that was his parting shot as he said, “You need to be a good listener and a good observer to become a good market research professional.”

Durgesh Varde Walaulikar

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