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“Most of the questions in my interview were conceptual, concerning little things that could easily have been forgotten or ignored had we not learnt their practical application at KIAMS.” says Sakshi Vatsa,Batch 14

Posted on: February 21, 2013

294298_248994195152998_100001272584331_780954_709961831_nFor the majority in any B-school, the entire package boils down to just one word – Placements. It is no mystery of nature that ‘On-campus Placements’ is the most challenging and nerve-wracking part of being in a B-school. Imagine, therefore, being placed in August, even before the beginning of the Placement season in November? Imagine being handed over the Offer Letter, without even beginning to feel the anxiety of placements? Imagine 8 months of blissful coexistence in the lap of nature at the sprawling KIAMS campus, instead of 8 months of fretting and agonizing over the search of an adequate job?

If you can imagine all of this, you can imagine being Sakshi Vatsa.

Plainly put, Sakshi Vatsa is ‘first among equals’ for the 14th batch at KIAMS. While her colleagues may, in the times to come, claim great feats in the corporate world, this achievement will find a unique place in the history of her batch and KIAMS.

“Not just the Placements, my entire academic experience in KIAMS has been pretty good,” remarks the Finance and Marketing student of KIAMS. “In KIAMS, the assignments that are given to us are not just theoretical in nature, but involvethe application of these concepts in a practical environment. This helped me in a big way during my interviews for Odessa Technologies. Most of the questions in my interview were conceptual, concerning little things that could easily have been forgotten or ignored had we not learnt their practical application.”

Sakshi had been placed with Odessa Technologies – a US origin multinational – as a Functional Analyst with a pay package of Rs. 5 lakh per annum. The last couple of months have helped her gather all the necessary knowhow on her job profile.

“Odessa is into customised business solutions for Finance companies. Functional Analysts deal mainly with clients and their business processes. I am sure the training period should suffice. The biggest advantage for me is that I am pretty well versed with the concepts required. I’m counting on my friends in Bangalore to help me settle down fast.”

Born and raised in Patna, Sakshi was clear that she would be pursuing MBA for her Masters, the very day she took up B.Com. This helped her carry out an exhaustive study of major B-schools in India.

“I first heard of KIAMS from a friend of mine who was graduating with me. Her sister had passed out from KIAMS and spoke very highly of it. When I asked my mentor about KIAMS, he gave me a big thumbs up without batting an eyelid.”

For Sakshi, 2 years at KIAMS is pretty much a roller coaster ride, with two distinct phases – Pre SIP phase and Post SIP phase.

“The Pre-SIP phase – roughly the first year – is absolutely fun-filled; with lots of time with friends, discussions, fests, events, submission of assignments, exams.Post-SIP, I could make out the seriousness in every single batch-mate of mine at KIAMS. It was almost like at the snap of a finger, everything had changed.People had become more focused on their careers, as the SIP made them realise the need of alignment. The Placements pressure too starts building up.”

Sakshi has a pretty simple strategy with regards to her shortly ensuing corporate career – work hard, take responsibilities, adapt fast, be ready to switch roles, learn quickly on the job, and think on your feet. She is positive that if she sticks to these basics she’ll very quickly get where she wants to. With a strong inclination towards taxation, Sakshi has set a target profile of a taxation analyst 5 years down the line.


“All in good time,” concludes Sakshi with a disarming smile. “As of now, I’d like to bask in the joys of friendship in my last few days at KIAMS.”

                                                                                                                                Sakshi Vatsa,

                                                                                                                                Batch 14, KIAMS

                                                                                                                                Placed with Odessa Technologies

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