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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Megha Banerjee from KIAMS gets placed with Odessa Technologies in her chosen field of Finance, which has her thrilled to bits

Posted on: July 21, 2014

Megha Banerjee

Megha Banerjee describes herself as self-determined and a go getter. It was this determination that got the Ranchi girl her admission with KIAMS after intense competition. She believes that this achievement was the best thing that could have happened to her at that point in time— and now she realizes it opened doors for more opportunities in life. The current high for Megha is being hired by Odessa Technologies and the handsome package that she received. What is commendable is that she managed to bag the job after four intensive rounds of her selection process. Here she talks about her journey to KIAMS and towards realizing her professional goals.

To start at the beginning, what made you choose the PGDM program at KIAMS?

Once my CAT results were out, I had to choose from a list of colleges. KIAMS was the best option by far as I had heard about Kirloskar as a brand. I knew I would be in safe hands if I came here, and that I would get all of the support I need for my management dreams. I have been proven right and I have absolutely no regrets about my decision.

How has the experience of studying at KIAMS helped you professionally and personally?

To begin with, the practical and theoretical knowledge I grasped in these two years will always be of help to me. I got a lot of attention and support from the faculty members whenever I needed it. If I had any doubts about any concepts I could reach out to my faculty without any hesitation. I believe I have managed to get this job only because my management fundamentals have been clear and it came across during the selection process.

The selection procedure for Odessa Technologies is said to be quite intense. Given that the company has been recruiting students from KIAMS over the years, did you have any inputs about it?

Every year the company changes its selection procedure; this year we had four rounds, three in the campus and one at Odessa’s head office. A general group discussion, thematic aptitude test and HR interview were held on our campus while the stream-based interview with the MD was held at Odessa’s head office.
Yes, I had some feedback from my seniors working with the company and they’d said that the work culture in the organization is conducive to individual growth. I am quite looking forward to that.

You will be working as a Functional Analyst with the company. Is the Finance sector where you wanted to be in? Are you ready for the challenges of your professional life?

Finance has always been my area of interest and I’d decided that this is the field I want to work in. So the job profile suits me perfectly. When you get something you have always wanted, nothing can stop you from performing at the optimum level. I am 100% motivated to give it my best shot.
I think I am equipped to handle the challenges of my job because my basic concepts are quite clear and I can easily apply them in my day to day life. I also had my first taste of corporate life during my internship program with Allahabad Bank, Ranchi. It will help me to a great extent with my job.

Do you have a long term plan for your future?
Over the years, I would like to be recognised for the work I do in whatever organization I am in. I wish to learn, grow with a company and move up the corporate ladder. But the long term plan is start a hotel business of my own.
As Megha stays upbeat about the future, she gets nostalgic about the past two years at the institute. She claims to have loved every bit of the campus life and offers a parting advice to her juniors, “As you focus on your goals, make the most of your college life as well as it never comes back.”

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