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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Meet Rahul Raju, PGDM batch 2013 – 2015 from Harihar campus, placed with Deloitte India Limited, Hyderabad.

Posted on: May 13, 2015

Rahul RajuRahul is very excited about his placement, and he says, “Right now it’s an accomplishment for me because my parents did not expect me to reach such heights. They are not from such a good background; they’ve strived hard to get me where I am standing today”. When asked about his Journey at KIAMS, he shared his happiest day moments : “one was my placement; so, the day when I was placed and most of the (other) days were happy for me.” He sums up his experience at the Institute with just one word: “Awesome”. He also said that he will always have happy memories of a management event he was involved with and a cricket league he conducted at the Kirloskar Premier League.

Rahul’s exposure to academics and extracurricular activities at KIAMS is in keeping with the Institute’s objective of providing society with a center of learning that excels in Management Education, Research, Training and Consultancy.

What’s so special about the PGDM program? It is one of the very few business schools in the country that provides a platform for practicing managers, academics and professionals to meet, interact and exchange concepts, ideas, and experiences in different fields of management. PGDM Students benefit by interacting with these participants and expertsby sharing knowledge and experiences. The alliance with the Kirloskar Group companies enables students to have hands-on experience, as well as an opportunity to link theory with practice.

The Institute holds the firm belief that everyone has potential and worth, which cannot be measured on a common scale, and that there is ample room for everyone in the field of Management. Every individual has a potential that can find a niche in Management. If an individual reveals some potential that can be deployed in the vast area of management, he or she is welcome to take part in the KIAMS education process. The individual, embracing a sense of responsibility, is encouraged to explore the potential that he or she wishes to convert to professional performance – the thinker is as valued as a doer; art co-exists with science.

At KIAMS, Student industry orientation begins early. After the first year, each student undergoes a Summer Internship Project (SIP) that gives him/her hands-on experience in a live work environment. The end of SIP marks the commencement of the final year, as well as the beginning of visits from the organizations intending to hire young professionals. This year, half the students from the PGDM class of 2015 have been already been placed. A total of 30 companies have visited the campus and have employed students in the areas of Human Resource, Marketing and Finance. These are impressive numbers, and the year is yet to begin.

As Rahul prepares for his first job, he tells us that he is “eager to know what is going to be (his) work in the office because this is a new sector that they’re bringing, the Netherlands team”. This eagerness is shared by his batchmates, and illustrates the drive and dedication of the younger generation.

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