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Making profit through a “sweet” venture within two days- that’s how Karobar ’17 helped ‘Chocolate Hub’ do business!

Posted on: September 29, 2017

Raesha Jaiswal had a “sweet” idea. She wanted to use the Rs. 3000 her team was given by the Entrepreneurship Cell for its flagship event- Karobar ‘17. Raesha’s business idea was simple but she knew it had potential- especially with a target audience that lies within the age bracket of 22 to 30. Plus, chocolates never disappoint anyone. That’s how ‘Chocolate Hub’ was born on 23rd August at the KIAMS campus.

Team 1 at Karobar had Aakansha Agnihotri, Anirban Ganguly, Damera Likhita , Ishadora Tripathy, Partha Pratim Barman, Raesha Jaiswal, Shikha Singh and Vanampalli Vineela- a formidable group with students from North, East, West and South in it. Pulling all nighters before the event, ‘Chocolate hub’ had it all it takes to make things sugary- with the right blend of marketing, strategy and planning infused in it.

However, even though there was competition from other participants, how did ‘Chocolate Hub’ beat the blues? “Our team’s unity was its strength. We respected each other’s opinions and always had healthy discussions. We would cover for each other in difficult moments and that helped us handle the business successfully,” says one of the team members. Needless to say, teamwork goes a long way!

By the end of the two days’ marketing and selling initiatives, ‘Chocolate Hub’ did not just reach the breakeven. In fact, they made a profit of Rs. 2839 to add on the icing. It was the first earning for the team members- together and they divided the profits amongst them, which was definitely “satisfying”.

They reveal different strategies they employed to make their business a successful one by saying, “We advertised extensively through banners and posters. We went to people and tried to convince them to visit our stall. Our team’s politeness and etiquettes also generated goodwill for us, which we learned is important for a business.”

While there were many significant takeaways through the experience, Team 1 also recounts exciting moments of the event. The day of Karobar was thrilling and bargaining with ‘customers’ to buy their products at a fixed price led to a lot of fun moments. “We had a great time while learning every step of the way. Karobar boosts entrepreneurial spirit amongst students and builds our confidence as well. It has taught us that being an entrepreneur is not easy; you need to be ready to take risks and have innovative marketing ideas as well,” they conclude.

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