Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Logical thinking process learned at KIAMS helps one find solution to challenging situations.

Posted on: May 1, 2012

Biswajit Mishra, an alumnus of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) (B3), is a Manager with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Rourkela Steel Plant. As an e-Procurement Planning Manager he is responsible for smooth running of his Plant through effective forecasting and concrete action plan. Biswajit–a technocrat turned manager—encounters myriad of problems every day, and needs to analyse them to reach to the root causes, formulate solutions, and implements strategy to prevent future reoccurrence. He solves all his problems through one magical mantra—logical thinking. “At KIAMS, we were taught to look at the bigger picture, understand the cause and impact of any scenario, and then find a logical solution. Logical thought process helps crystallize all the ideas and it miraculously throws up solutions to all kinds of problems,” says Biswajit Mishra.

Before joining KIAMS, Biswajit was already working with SAIL, but in a different cadre—engineering. He wanted to step up higher on the career ladder. So, he resigned from his job and completed his management studies from KIAMS in 2002. Then he appeared in All India Examination, and joined SAIL again, but this time in the management cadre and proved his mettle.  “At KIAMS with my majors in Finance and System, I learned to get going when going got tough. This comes very handy in professional environment where you have to deliver desired results despite all the odds. And this is why, today I have been entrusted by the top brass of SAIL-RSP to successfully implement the state of the art SAP based ERP system in my plant.” tells Biswajit.

Biswajit advises students to learn to work under pressure and take full interest in the assignments and programmes because this curriculum prepares them for the real professional world. “When I joined KIAMS, I already had a few years of experience under my belt. I could see how the training was shaping me to deal with the situations that I had faced during my job before joining KIAMS,” explains Biswajit how his work experience helped him make sense of the training and curriculum.

Now, he has more than a decade of management experience and knows his jobs too well—an excuse to get complacent and relax. But he keeps pushing himself to the limit and is always eager to learn new things—even if it is not related to his profession or job. “Every year try to learn a new art or technique. That forces you to come out of your comfort zone, which is very important for personnel and professional growth,” advises Biswajit to all the students.

“No doubt, you have to learn very fast but you have to perform even faster,” says Biswajit from his experience. “So, be attentive, and develop the habit to learn and adopt fast, as you are expected to deliver from day one,” adds Biswajit.

Talking about his days at KIAMS, he says it changed his approach towards life completely. “Management study has taught me to manage not only my life but also my thoughts. Organized thought process really makes life a real fun,” concludes Biswajit.

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