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Life at KIAMS

Posted on: June 23, 2011


Looking for the right campus can be a matter of measureless repute and good stress in a student’s life.  And then there is one. One last semester left, that’s it. It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the home stretch of this intensive two-year PGDM program and that in just five short months we will remerge wearing our working hats into the corporate world. Since I started the KIAMS Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), time has just whizzed by. While lately I’ve started feeling a strange mixture of anxiety and relief, it seems like only yesterday that I landed at the Bangalore Airport, anticipating the crucial second round of Personal Interview battle! yes that’s true… a necessary evil to kill before gaining access to the hallowed campus of KIAM.

Now business learning is not the same as academic learning. I can’t say that I would be able to answer questions about all the intricacies of what I learned. But the advantage is that business learning, especially conducted under the appendage of a corporate sponsored (Kirloskar Group) is by nature designed to be directly applicable – it focuses on what managers actually do and how they do it.  And this is where our institution aspires to quickly rise to being one of the best B-schools in the region, thanks to its well rounded and carefully thought out management curriculum.

On the hostel front, well everyone has a different living situation – no two freshmen are 100% compatible, and problems with the roomie are inevitable. Mine, for example, was a member of a god knows which ‘rock band’, a guy who composed his own music and had a fetish of jogging his guts out. I used to have to clean up handfuls of cheesy Cheetos balls that he left around the room – which I hate to admit, I terribly despised, but then needed to tolerate. Despite our differences, we managed to get through the year with much less than a few minor arguments. Heck ! We even had some good times. The point is – we ultimately learned to live with ‘us’, and even celebrate, our differences – and I’m grateful that, for one year each, I could have had a small part in lives that are going to take this world by storm.

Some Useful Information for Students seeking Admission in KIAMS –

Considering the much-publicised placement reports of every top B-school – and the queries I kindda receive from prospective students, I’ve put together below a few brief points in favour of students from an insider’s perspective. The truth is that KIAMS holds an excellent placement record. In fact for the past two years it has given 100 % placements at an average which now comes around 4lkh per annum approximately. Whereas it absorbs only 50 -60 students every year, it is known for its infrastructure where many b-schools actually lag. In fact –

  • KIAMS sprawls over six acres of landscaped and natural surroundings on the banks of the Tungabadhara, 240 kms from Bangalore (think of the long-serene walks you can have by the river) J
  • Is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) (no spamming here!)
  • Conducts Industry related internships from the first year onwards (work your butt off dude, there’s no escaping)
  • Events and lectures from prominent visiting faculties all year round. (they will just not leave you alone!)
  • Follows CGPA system for evaluation which evaluates students on overall performance along with academics. (I knew I could be a writer and manager both!)
  • It has compulsory jogging and sports session (I think that’s why my roomie was here!)
  • Peaceful environs, yet hectic schedules which prepares us for the corporate environment( Strategy of life)

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