Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) makes alumni part of the plan to seed industry practices into the institute processes

Posted on: August 14, 2014

Megha Banerjee

The objective of B-schools in the country should not only be to equip its students with management concepts and skills. The focus should be on creating management professionals in keeping with the demands of the industry. KIAMS seems to have got that spot on, which is why it has started a novel initiative to harness Industry-Institute integration through alumni participation. The initiative has already been applauded at the 5th Indian Management Conclave (IMC) by MBA Universe, and has been designed in a way to take the institute’s vision much further towards its goal.

Kirloskar group is the second oldest in the country, after TATA and its flagship institute aims to become a centre of learning that excels in management education, training, research and consultancy. But it realizes that to create managers suited for today’s professional environment, there has to be solid and vital input from the industry. However there are several challenges along the way including misalignment of management output to industry input. Importantly, in spite of noble intentions industry involvement in education remains quite scattered.

To overcome these challenges and get to its goals, KIAMS has come up with the “Trojan Horse” concept, which can be used to good effect. Industry practices can be carried forward and seeded into the institute process by its alumni. Hence it creates a virtuous circle where alumni bonding with the institute, encourages them to participate with enthusiasm. The fallout of that is also a beneficial one as the brand enhancement of the institute helps the alumni in their professional careers. Thus it ends up creating a win-win situation for all.

Talking about the new development for the benefit of everyone involved, Dr. Gopal Iyenger, Director, KIAMS says, “If the idea is to seed industry practices in KIAMS processes, then the priority should be Academic, Relationship and Placement Category, in that order. We have to work towards it in the coming years.” The institute has already taken a few steps in the right direction.

The Academic process has been divided into three main domains; Input, Transformation and Output. The initial initiative is focused on Transformation (Academic) and Output (Placement). These initiatives are further systemized into two phases that have four categories and include 18 points. The action points for the Academic category include guest lectures, sharing of experiences by alumni over Skype, live assignments, seminars are more. Thus they create a vibrant learning environment for students.
Alumni of the institute are also expected to be involved in the Relationship Category where the action points include student mentoring, being members of assessment panels, curriculum committees and of course being a part of the events. The Placement category of the initiative is another important element and covers Summer Internship Guide, Summer Internship offers and being a part of the recruitment process as well. Business category that involves impacting industry via training and consultancy rounds up the categories of the initiative nicely.

Through new age methods like Skype sessions with executives and live assignments, KIAMS is already on its way to getting closer to its goal. But it also understands that there are challenges along the way, alumni availability given their busy schedule, physical distances, timely submission of their inputs and more. However the institute has also worked on solutions for these challenges, which makes it obvious that KIAMS is gung-ho about this initiative and will take it to its rightful destination.

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