Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS’ students take teamwork to a new level

Posted on: October 25, 2011

Many miles separate their campuses, but Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies students are united in their teamwork.

The KIAMS campus at Harihar was joined by a second one at Pune in 2010 and this year sees the first integrated batch of grads from both locations.

As Director, Dr. Gopal Iyengar, said in a recent edition of The Chanakya, KIAMS is one institute with two totally integrated locations. It’s integrated at the administration level by such things as admissions, faculty, assessment and placement.

But at the student level, uniting the two campuses are such groups as: the placement team, alumni team, The Chanakya (institute magazine) team and  corporate relations team.

“What does this imply for industry,” asked Dr. Iyengar. “In addition to viewing an integrated batch with all the essential KIAMS values, this batch has implemented team working across physically separated locations. This is one of the essential requirements in industry and I am proud to say this batch will effortlessly meet that requirement.

“This batch has added a new dimension to the considerable KIAMS value,” he said, “They have gone out and engaged industry and society in an extra-curricular mode. Initiative and creativity has been a hallmark of this batch.”

And teamwork has also been a hallmark, as Dr. Iyengar pointed out in several examples.

“The institute has undertaken a massive exercise of competency mapping for Kirloskar Brothers involving 1,300 employees across 250 positions,” he said, noting a team of seven students took it on during summer training and carried it through into the term in addition to their academic workload.

Another student found new insights into logistics during her summer placement. “She has moved it to an intervention project for a team of five students, again parallel with term academics.”

In another instance, a group of three students interested in the telecom industry, “approached a leading player, convinced them to commission a research in a rural area, and are now well on the way.”

Noting the close ties KIAMS has with industry, Dr. Iyengar said: “The continued support of industry for our students is a testimony to the relevance of our education and values we impart to our students. The immense goodwill and backing in industry is a major driver of our endeavours of academic excellence that leads to industry-ready professionals-in-the-making.”

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