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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS student Somsubhra Chaterjee from a small district in West Bengal gets placed with the nationally renowned Coffee Day Beverages

Posted on: July 21, 2014

Somsubhra Chaterjee grew up in the small district of Bankura in West Bengal, but he always wanted to go places and make a name for himself. That’s the reason the engineering graduate who had a working stint with Wipro Technologies, decided to pursue his PGDM program with KIAMS.

Discussing the “life altering” decision of joining KIAMS, Somsubhra says, “I’d heard about the brand from relatives and knew it was flourishing. It made me realize that we would get the best support and amenities at the institute. When I came here I found out that the campus is ideally located and breathtakingly beautiful. It’s the perfect environment for students to learn and have a great time, too. Of course, I partied during my program but I was also focussed on my studies.”

But from now on it’s going to be all work for Somsubhra, who will be working in corporate sales with his new employer. Although he was interested in HR when he started out with his management program, today he is convinced that he’s cut out for sales. In fact, that’s the feedback he got from his faculty during a mock interview session. That’s when he decided to focus on sales and started working on his communication skills, which helped him get through the selection process.

During all-important interview, Somsubhra gave his best and made sure he wasn’t going to let go of the opportunity. “I did everything I was asked in the interview,” Somsubhra explains. “Right from explaining STP of weather as a product to selling a celesta coffee vending machine to the HR, I was prepared for everything they put me through. And I knew every word on my resume, which is important because they can ask you anything what is on that piece of paper.”

His confidence during the interview was boosted by the preparations he had been through thanks to the comprehensive placement program created by KIAMS. He also mentions the contribution of his faculty and friends who supported him while he prepared for the interview. And now that Somsubhra has gained a foothold with a reputable company, he would like to understand the working methodology of a large organization so that he can boost his future career prospects.

However, he also understands that he will be faced with challenges along the way. How does he plan to cope with them? “I will draw on my experiences during my internship with Fi-Tek, LLC Kolkata,” he says. “My stint at the market research firm gave me firsthand knowledge of working in a team and putting my point across with differing views all around. It also helped me with my presentation skills, which will come handy in my new job.”

Somsubhra doesn’t consider himself to be a long term planner, but now that he has entered the corporate world, he would like to grow with his present company. And, he is hopeful for better things along the way because he is gaining experience in the exciting world of sales, which, according to him, is important for every marketing person. “A lot can happen over coffee,” goes the tagline of the chain he’d be working for. And a lot can certainly happen for him, too.

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