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KIAMS student Ashish Chouksey (PGDM ’14) from Bhopal gets recruited by Airtel Ltd., gets connected with the best

Posted on: July 21, 2014

Ashish Chouksey Placed at Airtel

“PGDM from KIAMS gives you wings to fly high,” says Ashish Chouksey from Bhopal, who’s embarked on his professional journey after being placed with Airtel Ltd. He is, of course, quite happy about being associated with a brand that is well known all over the country. But above all, as a son, he is proud to have made his single mom’s dreams come true.

He credits his success to the program he went through at KIAMS. “It’s not just a Master’s program; it involves your overall growth, personality development and being ready for the professional battles of your life,” Ashish explains. “I had never experienced hostel life before, but the KIAMS campus is fantastic and I had the opportunity to interact with students from all over the country. In some ways it was the beginning of a new life for me.” Today, he has embarked upon another beginning, professionally, and he will be working as a Territory Sales Manager for a group that is one of the elite Fortune 500 companies in the world. Ashish believes that since Telecom is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, he has a brilliant opportunity to learn and grow on the job. He also feels that the job will bring out the best in him and hone his leadership skills—this will help him to a great extent in the long run.

Ashish is also quick to point out that he feels ready for the challenges he will face in his new position because his institute has prepared him to meet these challenges head-on: “Academically I find our program a cut above the rest and it helps us understand management concepts easily,” he says. “The faculty is top notch and they helped us grasp tricky concepts through innovative ways. Learning at KIAMS has always been a lot of fun and through case studies we got a feel of real life situations, which I am going to encounter in the future.”

Ashish also talks about his internship as a Market Research Intern with TTK Prestige, Bangalore. According to him, it was one of the most exciting experiences of his life because he got to learn things first-hand and get a practical understanding of management concepts. He also thrived during the opportunity of working with professionals and interacting with people from different walks of life. Knowing a point of view that was diametrically opposite of his and then finding a way to work around it in a professional setup was definitely interesting for the greenhorn.

After benefiting the way he has from his PGDM program at KIAMS, it’s no surprise that he recommends it to future management aspirants. “Getting a degree today is not difficult but getting the right kind of knowledge and an appropriate platform for the competitive world outside is the tricky part,” Ashish notes. “If you want to aim high as far as your career is concerned then you need to be at the right B School. I am glad I came to KIAMS as it has been a stepping stone into a dynamic professional field for me.”

As for advice to his juniors, Ashish says, “Always be who you are because that’s what makes you special. Work steadfast towards your goals but at the same time enjoy your moments with KIAMS.” He certainly has worked hard, and is now on the cusp of many more exciting moments to come in his professional life.

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