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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS Samanvay: Two Glorious Days of Re-living a Joyous Past

Posted on: January 31, 2012

Thoughts flow best on a full stomach, so believe the KIAMS Alumni Association, lead by Dr Janaki and Dr Gopal Iyenger. Therefore, Samanvay at KIAMS began with a hearty breakfast. Getting everybody into the spirit of the institute, the KIAMS Olympic flag was hoisted right after on the lovely KIAMS lawns as the sun toasted winter winds away. The mood was euphoric nostalgia. Short, scintillating speeches were based on sound knowledge and came from the heart.

Vishal, from Batch 8, put it very aptly. “Life is full of joy and sometimes you wish to be left alone. At KIAMS, you can do it. The real difference in this institute you can fail and improve.” He got moulded and disciplined at KIAMS in every aspect. “They are helping me improve, even today.”

Students at KIAMS come for different backgrounds, belong to different states and follow varied cultures. Yet, when they land up at KIAMS, they learn to adapt, and radically shift their attitudes. “We learn humility, work hard and the art of positioning ourselves. It is difficult, but to take the pain now, in college, is better than going out and failing in an organization,” Vishal adds experienced advice to his juniors. “That is so true,” said Nikhil  from Batch 2. “KIAMS fully prepared me to go out in the real world. You need to deal with different people out there. It is a challenge with no second chances.”

“I am so excited to see KIAMS, Pune,” said an alumnus. “It is amazing to see integration happen for both locations. To me, it’s just KIAMS whether in Pune or Harihar. I get the same feeling. KIAMS lives in my heart.”

It was then time for fun. Kites flew high and bright in the afternoon sun at Samanvay, KIAMS. Henna-ed palms displayed fabulous designs. Wannabe potters, pottered, while hands and lips were printed on colourful Tee-shirts. More fun and games were followed by the band –Brahmaputra– playing late into the night. In another area, karaoke artists belted out melodies till the wee hours of the morning. At the end of it all, nobody really wanted to sleep. Through it all, hot jalebis and rabri kept tummies full, thoughts flowing and voices singing.

The next morning began Tired but happy smiles were seen all over KIAMS as alumni mingled with faculty played sit-down games, and discussed life, in general and careers in particular.

One alumnus said, “In a majority of companies inIndiapeople grow because of their performance. At KIAMS, the faculty is excellent. They teach us to give us direction and teach us to deliver results which lead to a rewarding career. ”Samanvay ended. The past mingled with the present and looked forward to a bright and happy future. 

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