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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS raises the bar

Posted on: October 22, 2011

Students passing out of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) have always managed to get KIAMS placements in various industries and functions and have also been successful professionals in the long run. However, the students who will pass out of this academic year 2011-2012, have turned out to be one notch above their predecessors. They are already making waves in the industry along with their academic training.

Here is a brief insight as to how this best MBA school is preparing its students for the corporate world.

The 126 students from this academic year have been spread across two locations of the Institute, one in Harihar which has been in existence since 1991 and the other in Pune which got functional since last year. The academic training required them to work as a team across both the locations and the physical distance not withstanding all the teams have come up trumps.

And this is not all, this batch of students are already doing exceptionally well what with going out to engage the industry and society in an extracurricular mode. Not only have these students imbibed the education and values of this top management school, they also bear the stamp of initiative and creativity, making KIAMS a proud institution.

This year, KIAMS has taken up the massive exercise of competency mapping for Kirloskar brothers covering 1300 employees across 250 positions. Seven students took up the challenge and lived up to it. They first underwent summer training and then followed it up with working towards it along with their academic activities.

During summer training in a logistics organization, a student of KIAMS shared some new insights about the processes of the organization. Her talent was recognized and she was pulled into an intervention project for a team of five students which is running parallel with her academics.

A group of three students approached a leading player in the telecom industry with a plan to conduct a research in rural settings. Their plan was lapped up and they are on their way to implement their research strategy.

Another group of students decided to share their understanding of Marketing with BBA students. They went about it in a unique way, through a ‘Learn and Win’ competition, which won them a lot of accolades.

Students also initiated a magazine called Chanakya. Chanakya’s Impact series is especially worth mentioning because of its management lessons which emphasize how each one of us can positively impact our own community if not the society at large.

As Director of the KIAMS, Dr Gopal Iyengar rightly puts it, “KIAMS is normally an exciting, dynamic and meaningful Institute. The current batch is actually straddling an inflection point of our Institute and through their initiatives are themselves creating inflection points which will impact our future delivery. These Inflections will take the Institute to a higher level in the future.”

What a way to go KIAMS!

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