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KIAMS’ prof. V.S.Pai shortlisted to present papers at SIBR conference in Bangkok

Posted on: June 3, 2013

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Joint Research with Prof. Hiremath of KIAMS evinces positive reaction in the international academia

For over a decade now, Prof. V.S. Pai of KIAMS has been travelling the world (over) for his research works; and come June 2013, Bangkok will be added to this impressive list of destinations. Between 6th and 8th of June 2013, Prof. Pai will be amongst a list of international invitees at the SIBR Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economics Research, hosted by the Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, Thailand.

“This shortlisted paper is a joint research with Prof. Chetan Hiremath, who is a Professor of Stats and Quants at KIAMS as well. We studied the performance of 45 companies – 15 each from three groups of firms, namely foreign subsidiaries, domestic private, and public sector companies in India. Our intent was to determine which of these displayed superior economic performances. We analyzed data for two points of time – 2002-03 and 2011-2012 – using four measures of economic performance. These include operating profit margin (OPM), net profit margin (NPM), return on net worth (RONW) and asset turnover ratio (ATR). We employed the WELCH Test (W-test), Bonferroin post-hoc test the Linear Discriminant Analysis technique as well as Chi-square test. Interestingly, our findings reveal that, all of them performed at par. This is very important for Indian industry as it indicates that even after two decades of liberalization of the economy, domestic firms have remained as competitive as their international counterparts.”

His list of impressive research works notwithstanding, Prof. Pai is as keen on hearing other luminaries as he is about presenting his research papers. He says that the pull of rubbing shoulders with researchers and academics on an international platform is a great motivation for him.

“Co-authoring the paper with Prof. Chetan Hiremath, has been a wonderful experience. This paper is driven by use of statistical and quantitative tools, and therefore was of interest to him. The paper has benefitted much from his expertise. Infact we have already started work on another paper, which is an extension of the present paper I’m about to present in SIBR 2013. I remember, Prof. Hiremath was so excited with the progress of this paper, that once when he came rushing to my office to defend his statistical findings, he nearly tripped over and fell down. Fortunately, I was right in front of him, and was able to help him regain his balance; saving him from becoming a laughing stock for those around!”

Once the paper is presented at the SIBR Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economics Research, the detailed version will be sent across to an international journal for publication.

“Researchers thrive on three essentials – sheer passion for research, publication – especially in peer reviewed journals abroad – and the joy of finding something new in the world of business. Sound research skills, tenacity, patience and the grit to question the status quo can make you do wonders. KIAMS is very supportive of faculty members doing research. Infact my entire trip to Bangkok is funded by the institute.”

Prof. Pai is positive that when the right kind of opportunity comes their way, KIAMS will make it possible for its faculty to visit countries in the Americas and Europe, to present their research finding.

“Nothing is a greater boost for a elite B-school like KIAMS – especially the student community – to see the faculty enhance its reputation on the global stage, bringing glory to the institute,” he concludes.

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