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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS PGDM graduate of Class 2015-, Pranasha Sahu, talks about how KIAMS prepared her for facing the challenges of her new job with IKYA

Posted on: January 6, 2015

“When you join a PGDM course, your ultimate goal is to get a good job with a handsome salary. That was my aim when I joined KIAMS. I had heard through various channels that it is one of the best management institutes in the country.

Through my two years at the institute, that has been proven true – my placement is the icing on the cake.” These are the words of the exuberant Pranasha, who is bursting with pride and happiness after being placed with IKYA Human Capital Solutions Ltd.

The interview with IKYA was Pranasha’s first, and she states that she was prepared for things to go either way. That’s why when she heard the news of bagging the job, it took a while to sink in. Today, she reflects on the crucial interview process, saying, “Everything I learned during my PGDM shaped my persona and technical skills. It was tested in a matter of minutes during my interview. I had done my research about the company and that, along with my knowledge of management concepts and communication skills, saw me through.”

According to Pranasha, the summer internship program she did with Nissan-Ashok Leyland, Bengaluru has been a building block in her journey as a professional. She believes the program gives students of the institute a peep into real world corporate life, which helps them during the placement process. Talking about her own experience, she states, “I tried to understand the company’s culture and values so that I can adjust to the new corporate environment quickly. I tried to gain maximum exposure and contribute towards the growth of the company.”

The results showed, as she scored handsomely in the summer internship presentations and was the SIP topper of the batch. Pranasha was also the Class Representative of the batch, a responsibility that made her more accountable and enabled her to multitask. She thanks KIAMS for the experience by saying, “I have become an extrovert, and I am now more patient and determined to reach for and achieve my goals. The institute has taught me to be calm and composed in tough situations. These are some of the vital attributes for today’s corporate professionals.”

But as she embarks on a new journey, it’s only natural for her to look back with nostalgia. Pranasha is filled with emotions as she says, “Ours was the first student exchange batch at KIAMS, which means we had to adjust to the environment on Harihar campus from Pune campus. It has made me flexible and more adjustable, which will come handy in different job scenarios. Overall, two years with KIAMS have been a roller coaster ride. I take with me many memories of hectic schedules, late night tea and Maggie, exam fever and, above all, the friends I have made here.”

Ask Pranasha what she believes has been her biggest learning experience so far and she quips without batting an eyelid: “I have learned that you need to be a Jack of all trades and Master of one. I was a core marketing student and had a misconception that other subjects are not important. But that’s not the case at all and you have to pay attention to all the subjects.” Besides this crucial advice, Pranasha also encourages juniors to make the most of the platform KIAMS offers them. That’s something she definitely has done, and with excellent results.

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