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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS pair lands prime posts at Irevna

Posted on: November 21, 2011

Two Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) students have landed final placements with Irevna, a division of Credit Rating and Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL).

Gopal Agrawal and Preeti Agarwal landed the prime posts. Gopal will be joining Irevna as a management trainee and, following training, will be an equity analyst, while Preeti’s position will involve studying the global capital market and performing country, sector and company research.

Irevna is the world’s top-ranked research and analytical services offshoring firm. As a pioneer in the finance research outsourcing domain, it offers a range of services that help clients reduce cost, improve efficiency, and increase revenue.

Gopal, pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from KIAMS, majoring in finance and marketing, said he had dreams of joining a research firm.

“I made my mind to join a research firm even before I got enrolled in the KIAMS PGDM program,” he said. “The reason being, I was a B.Com student and I always had been interested in the equity market. For me this was a passion which had driven me for a finance specialization and this gives the energy which keeps me driving to attain more and more information and knowledge as to what happens in the finance community.”

However Preeti, who has a B.Com from Jadavpur University, said: “I developed interest in financial research only after I joined KIAMS and came across various subjects and topics related to finance and research.”

“All the subjects which KIAMS offers in finance specialization helped me get through the Irevna selection procedure,” she said. “To be specific, it was subjects like Corporate Finance and Corporate Valuation Mergers and Acquisition which really helped me. Finance subjects which KIAMS offers, if studied properly, will help a person not only in being geared-up for any kind of finance job profile, but also help in his/her future endeavours.”

Preeti believes companies look for three things when hiring – subject knowledge, confidence and potential to learn.

“One can develop subject knowledge only by studying and being thorough with their area of specialization,” she said. “Confidence is something which will follow if you are sure about your subjects and have a clear roadmap as to where you want to go in life.”

Gopal said: “Corporate valuation, mergers and acquisitions, security analysis and portfolio management were subjects which contributed to my knowledge.”

But when it comes to job interviews, he said “It mostly boils down to basics, for which I will say my firm grip on corporate finance which was taught to us when we started the finance journey at KIAMS, helped me a lot.”

He also believes his thorough understanding of the equity market, learned not just at KIAMS but through an internship at Indiabulls Securities helped him land the job.

Both of them see bright futures for themselves.

“Five years down the line I will be working in a post of equity analyst,” said Gopal. “I would have a gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the domain.”

He predicts: “I will be handling problems and challenges of company on a higher scale. I will be handling responsibilities and would be accountable for my work. I would also be pursuing my studies simultaneously. By then I would have completed my CFA (Chief Financial Analyst), this will further add to my knowledge and will also give me huge opportunities to grow faster in the organization.”

And Preeti said five years from now: “I see myself working for Irevna handling projects on my own.”

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