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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

“KIAMS Owes Its Almost-Perfect Business Education Culture To The Fact That It Has Been Raised By One Of The Biggest Business Houses Of The Country.” Says Bhawna Dwivedi,Business Partner – HR, Mahindra Satyam ,KIAMS Batch 2003-2005

Posted on: May 1, 2012

corporate-cultureWhen Bhawna Dwivedi walked into Kirloskar Institute of Advanced management Studies ( KIAMS) in 2003, little did she know that this would be the first of a series of transformations that she would be seeing in her life. For, the young girl who had gone to school in Patna and majored in Economics from Patna University as well, KIAMS in Davangere was the first academic outing.

KIAMS was originally designed for an Executive MBA programme, so in terms of facilities it was really a class apart. The infrastructure, the rooms, the cleanliness and sanitation – the standards were really very high, and they never deteriorated in the 2 years that I spent at KIAMS. Over the years, I’ve chatted with a lot of my friends and relatives who have studied in various B-schools across the country – nothing that they’ve described comes even close to the quality of hostel life that KIAMS gave us. The atmosphere was very open. Even the visiting faculty would live on-campus in KIAMS. So we could chat with them, after classes as well. I learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot… KIAMS was the best part of my student life.”

The other big transformation in Bhawna’s life came along when she got herself a summer internship with Satyam Computers while at KIAMS. In 2005, she was placed as a Management Trainee, HR in Satyam Computers at Chennai, and has ever since been a part of its tumultuous transformation from Satyam computers to Mahindra Satyam, rising to the ranks of a Deputy Manager, HR.

“My role has been that of a HR generalist – what is better known as a business partner, HR. I take care of the HR of a business unit of Mahindra Satyam. The work of a business partner, HR, starts from the moment an associate is on the board. Post joining, once the training is done, till  exit; everything is handled by the business partner, HR – payrolls, salary , appraisal, all extra formalities and all kinds of fun and connect activities, all form a part of my job in Mahindra Satyam.”

In 2007, Bhawna got a transfer to Pune with Mahindra Satyam, after her marriage. She is currently on maternity leave having been blessed with motherhood in 2011.

Bhawna feels that one of the biggest reasons why KIAMS has an almost perfect business education culture – complete with exhaustive industry interaction – is because it has been raised by one of the big business houses of the country. She feels that the faculty is not just good, but considerably mature.

“I particularly remember Professor Janki Naik in HR. She brought freshness to the way she conducted her HR lessons in KIAMS. She was very particular about making us culturally sound with reference to a corporate environment. For a fresher in a new work environment, it really matters. Even today, I remember what she taught us at KIAMS.  Throughout the year we were kept busy. In school or college there were hardly any presentations to be given, but in KIAMS it was bread and better. Presentations need a lot of research, plus of course the ability to speak coherently and sell in front of a group.”

Bhawna feels that an institution like KIAMS is more of a platform – to communicate with seniors, faculty and industry representatives in an industrial environment. This boosts the confidence of a student at KIAMS no end, which is particularly important for an HR practitioner. While you’ve got to be strong in theory, at the end of the day, it’s a downright communication job.

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