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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS OPERACY: Annual Management Event focused on fun and learning

Posted on: January 3, 2012

Operacy – the business competition at KIAMS, created an impact with young promising entrepreneurs, recent management graduates and students. Themed around Enriching Lives, Operacy was held at the KIAMS locations in Harihar and Pune.

Chief Guest, Mr Santosh Huralilikoppi, CEO, NS Infotech, said, “Operacy is a very important Management Fest. Students from across India get an opportunity to know what is happening in the outside world of Entrepreneurship.”

Ishant Khurana from Indian Institute of Asian Management, Bangalore won the Best Entrepreneur award at Operacy. “This has been a very different experience for me. KIAMS offered a lot of learning. The way the event was organized was perfect. It was like professionals were organizing it,” he said. “I cannot find any part where maturity was lacking. No flaws in any of the departments anywhere. It was a wholesome event.”  The finance game was the best for him. He enjoyed it thoroughly. The planning and the thoughts that were put into the game made a huge difference to the way the game flowed.

Prathemesh, from Indian Institute of Advanced Management, Bangalore was the runner-up for the Best Entrepreneur and was very happy to be a part of Operacy. “The way the whole event has been organized and the importance given to each of the participants really made every guest feel good,” he said.

The DJ Night was a huge hit with all the participants. It had music; it had dancing and most of all it had enthusiasm that came from just being there and participating in Operacy.

This year a new event was added. Called Déjà vu – an event for professionals, “So they can relive their past and experience a day at college,” says a soon to graduate student organizer. “Corporates were cordially invited to be a part of our event. Eligibility Criteria for Déjà vu was 0 to 5 years of industry experience.” Each team had two members, and the winning teams were given cash prizes of Rs. 30,000.

KIAMS itself attracts some of the best students from all over India. “Learning comes not only from books but from peers as students stay in the hostel,” Mr. Huralilikoppi observed. They live in close proximity 24X7 and they interact. “Interactions give a KIAMS is a beautiful environment, wonderful library facilities learning, and the Kirloskar Group is really good. Students must make the best of this great combination.”

He added a little bit of advice. “Operacy is a great platform for budding managers but it can be grown on larger and larger scale year by year. It has a great potential and thus it can be organized and made a BIG event that every part of country can see.”

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