Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS Merits Deserving Students With Scholarships

Posted on: February 20, 2012

Two scholarships are being offered to KIAMS students who have scored upwards of 90 percentile in their CAT / XAT and CMAT exams.

“The first one is of Rs. 1,00,000 concession on academic fees at KIAMS, and this is for a score of over 95 percentile in the CAT / XAT and CMAT exams,” says Dr. Gopal Iyengar, Director, KIAMS. “At KIAMS, we believe that everyone has the potential and worth which cannot be measured on a common scale. Yet, the CAT whiskers deserve acknowledgement, and this is our acknowledgement of them.”

The second KIAMS scholarship of Rs. 60,000 concession on academic fees will go to a score that is above 90  but below 94.99 percentile. Yes, it is that 0.01% that makes a difference between Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 1,00,000. “Management education is not inexpensive. Many of the students avail of bank loans. This puts pressure on them to take any job that comes their way, especially during these hard times. We want students to take up a career they can grow in, not just ‘work’ to pay the bills. These scholarships will help,” says Dr. Janaki Naik, Director, KIAMS, Pune.

KIAMS strives to help students reach their full potential, without compromises. As future managers, they need to be knowledgeable, fearlessly confident, with an awareness that can carry any organization forward. The country forward.

Students at KIAMS are aware of the responsibility to unfold the greatness that lies beneath a deceptively humble surface. They learn to look beyond mere surfaces and unleash the power within.

The scholarships were created based on merit, while some students work towards the mediocre passing marks, others toil and strive to achieve heights, scale peaks and accomplish miracles. They become unstoppable and reach for the stars – climbing higher and achieving greater miracles than others. All it takes is that 0.01% extra. And it is this 0.01% extra that deserves to be acknowledged. We at KIAMS are doing it with these scholarships.

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