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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS Marketing Club Aims to Provide a Competitive Edge in The Business World

Posted on: February 27, 2012

Learning more about marketing to gain a competitive edge in that area of the business world is the aim of Kirloskar Institute of Management Studies’s (KIAMS) Marketing Club.

Along with two coordinators, the senior club consists of around 15 active members and among the juniors, there are three coordinators and 20 active members.

The purpose of the club is to improve students’ knowledge of the world of marketing and it plans all activities accordingly. The club has organized events such as visits by guests or alumni to share their experiences and visits to different alumni offices to see how things are done.

It plans to have the students work on different real-time scenarios and give their analysis of the situation – one such analysis of the FDI situation has already been printed in Chanakya (KIAMS Newsletter) – and aims to do weekly sector-wise organizational marketing strategies analysis and to be displayed on a social networking page and notice board to grab everyone’s attention.

Some of the events the club conducts are: Marketing Quiz, Ad-Mad Competition, case studies, article analysis and presentations.

Organizing such activities itself is a learning experience for club members, as they take the concepts learnt during classroom sessions and apply them to real-life examples of marketing. The activities of the club also give members experience in managing people and tasks and in meeting requirements,  expanding their outlook and broadening perspectives.

Club members discuss contemporary case studies or issues in the marketing world and try to analyse them using related theories and to get practical exposure. In events such as the Ad-Mad competition, before doing concept designing for ads, members first look at them from all perspectives derived from theoretical knowledge.

The biggest challenge in running such a club is to keep students motivated enough to attend meetings on a regular basis. To meet that challenge topics of discussion for each meeting are decided by group consensus. Because club activities are a student initiative, not an individual effort, instead of having a president, the club has coordinators whose job is to communicate with members and decide on meeting times and schedules. The coordinators, along with the rest of the members, decide on topics for meeting discussions or decide on future activities.

Again, the club being a student initiative, faculty are usually not involved, but act as guides whenever any difficulty arises in understanding or accessing any resources. At times, the club invites them as judges for competitions.

Since assuming their responsibilities, today’s club coordinators have learnt a lot and to future coordinators, they say this responsibility requires a lot of patience and effort. At times, students may not agree with what you think and at such times, the objectives of the club have to be given paramount importance. Their advice to those who will fill their shoes: Be practical and realistic in your approach. Make sure you have your fundamentals in place before moving further.

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