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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

“KIAMS Gives Me The Freedom To Come Up With Something New For Every Batch. This Increases My Own Learning Opportunities.” Says Professor Anand Ellur,Faculty, KIAMS

Posted on: April 28, 2012

Professor Anand Ellur joined Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies ( KIAMS ) about 2 years back, and, in his words, the journey ever since has been ‘simply great’. A Textile Engineer with a PGDM in Operations, Professor Anand Ellur didn’t start out as an academician, but – very much on the expected lines – in the corporate world. In fact, out of his 12 years of work experience, 4 years have been in the corporate sector with companies like Shahi Export House in Bangalore, GTN Textiles, Hyderabad and Richa Global, Bangalore. Prior to KIAMS, most of his teaching experience was in university affiliated colleges – barring a stint with IIM, Kozhikode.

“In university-affiliated colleges, you have to pretty much stick to the syllabus, but KIAMS gives you the freedom to do so many things with your PGDM classes. I don’t have to teach the same things. I can come up with something new for every batch at KIAMS. It increases my own learning opportunities.”

This freedom at KIAMS helps him carry on with his exploration of new ideas and areas of expertise – something which started way back in 2006, when he won the first prize in the Teaching Assistant’s category for essay writing on the topic “Global Issues – World from our Eye” during CONFLUENCE 2006 hosted by IIM, Ahmedabad.

While his current research at KIAMS is focused on Open Shop Scheduling and Job Shop Scheduling, Professor Anand has, in the past, researched on topics ranging from E-governance (papers published on E-voting using Biometrics;  to Swarm Intelligence . He has been the conference convener for National Conference on ‘GREEN’ Management – Vision 2020, conducted at Bapuji Institute of Management, Davangere . More recently, Professor Anand Ellur was the coordinator of the Boot Camp, MDP, conducted by KIAMS, for the Graduate Engineer Trainees of various Kirloskar Group Companies.

As a teacher of subjects relating to Operations at KIAMS, Professor Anand Ellur finds merit in teaching not just the Operations aspect, but also the Finance and Marketing applications of subjects like Statistics or Decision-Making models. However, the same cannot be done for a Manufacturing-specific subject like Inventory Management or Logistics & Warehouse Management.

“Subjects like Inventory Management are specific to Operations, unlike subjects like Decision-Making models in management. At KIAMS, whenever I’m teaching topics like Transportation model – which comes under Decision-Making – I make sure to bring in problem solving issues related to Finance or Marketing, as well.”

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