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Lakshit’s latest immersion in the Adoption of Social Media in Academia (ASMA) project opened a new horizon of digital understanding for him

Posted on: August 8, 2017

Admissions, placements, promotion, branding, academics, industry interface, alumni relationship, and campus life comprise the many facets of an academic institution. Adoption of Social Media in Academia or ASMA, conceptualized by a digital media marketing company, empowers institutions to forge a holistic strategy to manage these multiple and connected fronts via social media. KIAMS supports ASMA – India’s first research-based initiative that brings together social media and the academia – through business immersion programmes and live projects.

Let’s hear what Mr. Lakshit Banerjee, KIAMS student, Awards and Nominations Manager for ASMA, and now one of the five students selected for the business immersion programme, has to say.

‘ASMA helped me to better understand the relationship between an academic institution and the community it serves. Learning is a journey requiring time and patience. Starting with a fresh mind, over time, I could deliver tangible results.’

Like many of us, Lakshit was using social media for years. But with ASMA he gained knowledge about its intricacies. He says, ‘With social media engaging far-flung communities and audiences, content posted carry key impact factors like creative, content, and hash tags. Among other things, could work on content sourcing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platform analytics, SEO, and Google AdWords.’

Lakshit’s focus areas were awards and nominations aligned to ASMA Social Media Awards 2017. ‘Awards and nominations were new concepts and they helped me to understand a number of things. While there are quite a few award ceremonies in the academia, this was a whole new initiative. It also helped me to learn about event promotion and sales techniques.’ Working on awards and nominations, Lakshit learnt to design an award, develop nomination forms, select the criteria to judge and measure an institute, choose probable jury members, and decide on the parameters for the judging panel. Working hands-on, Lakshit had a steep learning curve.

From creating research objectives and questionnaires and developing e-mail campaigns to operating Zoho Survey and MailChimp tools, learning new things was never far away. ‘With ASMA, alongside technology, the human contact was simply amazing: one-on-one interaction with senior managers of reputed institutes, personal focus group interviews with directors of top B-Schools, and discussions with corporate HR personnel and the alumni.’ Lakshit was able to apply his knowledge and expertise to the hilt.

‘ASMA offered a platform to learn from a variety of roles and responsibilities. This exciting journey has helped me to imbibe knowledge and hone skills.’

The innovative, pioneering, and future-focused ASMA project is supported by KIAMS, an acclaimed centre of excellence in management education, research, training, and consultancy.

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