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KIAMS students join Adoption of Social Media in Academia (ASMA) project – bringing a distinct edge to social media research and auditing

Posted on: August 1, 2017

An academic institution has multiple facets: from admissions, placements, promotion, branding, and academics to industry interface, alumni relationship, and campus life. Adoption of Social Media in Academia or ASMA, conceptualized by a digital media marketing company, empowers institutions to achieve the best on these multiple and connected fronts via social media. Through business immersion programmes and live projects, KIAMS supports ASMA – India’s first research-based initiative that brings together social media and the academia.

Let’s hear what Mr. Yogesh Suthar, KIAMS student, Research and Auditing Manager for ASMA, and now one of the five students selected for the business immersion programme, has to say.

Every day in ASMA is full of challenges and every task we perform offers a new learning outcome. The holistic approach helps me enhance my knowledge.’

Focusing on the scope and application of digital marketing, Yogesh tracked social media presence and handled frameworks which included parameters to audit an organisation’s social media platforms. He also worked with analytical tools like Rival IQ and Sprout Social to prepare in-depth audit reports of an organisation’s social media.

Yogesh’s work took him to the Research Department. There he applied his skills on the research process: from designing questionnaires, testing, and collecting samples from target audiences to preparing reports using research parameters and tools like SPSS and Zoho Survey. Excited about the quantum leap in gaining knowledge, he says, ‘The tasks don’t end here! I’m also involved in designing info-graphics, categorizing social media awards, framing the criteria for nomination, participating in e-mail campaigns, and helping to develop social media strategies for award nomination.’

Digital marketing and branding are comparatively new initiatives for academic institutions. Rightly, we witness considerable efforts to understand the digital potential, experimentation, and implementation. So, for Yogesh, ASMA has been a remarkable learning experience. ‘At ASMA I learnt about creating scope for marketing and branding of institutes through auditing their social media presence and then providing various strategies to improve digital presence. Addressing the issue of ROI, got to work with a range of social media metrics including active users, engaged users, growth rate, followers, and demographics.’

Working hands-on, Yogesh realized the importance of social media in academia. ‘Alongside Facebook and Twitter, in academia we need to explore other social media platforms including LinkedIn, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram to enrich the learning and teaching experience through MOOCs, certifications, virtual classrooms, and so on.’

The ASMA project is innovative and pioneering. Being a centre of excellence in management education, research, training, and consultancy, KIAMS supports this future-focused initiative.


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