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 Class 2018 student Shreya Shubham’s Business Simulation experience has been extremely “delightful”.  How and why?

Posted on: August 2, 2017

Admissions, placements, promotion, branding, academics, industry interface, alumni relationship, and campus life constitute multiple facets of an academic institution. Adoption of Social Media in Academia or ASMA, the brainchild of a digital media marketing company, empowers institutions to achieve the best on these multiple and connected fronts via social media. Through business immersion programmes and live projects, KIAMS supports ASMA – India’s first research-based initiative that brings together social media and the academia.

Let’s hear what Ms. Shreya Shubham, KIAMS student, Portal and Social Media Manager for ASMA, and now one of the five students selected for the business immersion programme, has to say.

‘ASMA was, is, and will always remain a life-changing experience. It has been delightful, enriching, and enlightening.’

Developing the online portal of any institution is serious work. Whether involving graphics, layout, content, or daily updates, the result needs to be crisp, direct, and flawless. ‘Was given the opportunity to handle this work entirely on my own: making menu bar and ingesting with video interviews or articles, getting promotions and testimonials, securing as well as writing blog pieces, ensuring forms are available for downloading, creating attractive banners and newsletters, and so on. A lot of work, but very exciting!’

Asked to make the event microsite, Shreya was able to successfully complete the formidable task within three weeks. ‘From content related to the event or the conference or the exhibition, the various forms, and the line-up of speakers to the way the microsite should look … From placement of logos to short notes on previous year downloadable reports, it was important and enlightening.’

For Shreya, ASMA has been a remarkable learning experience. ‘It taught me about time management, running after deadlines, working hard on the faults, and laughing harder on the achievements! It taught me a lot about work and my strengths.’

Developing creative copies, getting designs made and posts boosted, making meta and hash tags, crafting event promotions, ensuring right groups are followed on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and creating content planners and Quora account for answers – Shreya has had a steep learning curve in managing social media. And, not without fun and excitement!

‘Today when my faculty members, friends, and relatives praise my portal, my microsite, or our social media posts, it makes me proud and nostalgic to think how far I have come – thanks to KIAMS and the entire ASMA team.’

ASMA is a pioneering, innovative, and future-focused project. No wonder this initiative is supported by KIAMS, an acclaimed centre of excellence in management education, research, training, and consultancy.


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