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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

KIAMS a driving force in landing prime posts at Ashok Leyland

Posted on: November 8, 2011

Star students Abhishek Sharma and Mayura Moroney both credit KIAMS with putting them in the driver’s seat on the road to success.

The pair landed prime positions with Ashok Leyland, at salary ranges which would be the envy of many.

At Ashok Leyland, Sharma said: “My job profile is predominantly ‘sales of CV’s’ and I will be travelling to different parts of India regarding the same and it will be entirely B2B (business to business).”

And while the company hadn’t defined her post at the time of interview, Moroney said: “They stated that my profile would be handling B2B sales which would include customer interaction.”

Both cited the key role the Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies played in preparing for, and landing, these jobs.

“KIAMS has helped me a lot while preparing for the above mentioned role by providing very good faculty, practical learning through the rural marketing fair Pragati, the opportunity to work in a Ashok Leyland-Nissan real time project, and helped me a lot in my overall grooming throughout my stay in KIAMS,” said Sharma.

Moroney noted: “I have been the cultural head of KIAMS. It has helped me learn and grow as a future manager.”

Throughout her studies, she said, she learned the arts of getting people together, event management and crisis management.

“Also being a part of Pragati, a rural marketing fair, has given me a real-life exposure to the organizing and handling of an event. The various events that are conducted in the institute have also helped me in growing as an individual,” she said.

KIAMS prides itself on its faculty and faculty was high on the list of praise the pair had for the institute.

“The faculty advice which left a deep impression on me was ‘Always believe in yourself and if you can’t help yourself, no one else can help you’,”  said Sharma, and “If you actually want to know if you are moving ahead in your life, then you should compete with yourself only.”

“I would say Dr.V.S. Pai has been my mentor since the day we all got a chance to learn under him,” said Moroney. “Every advice of his has been worth it in moulding me. He asked me to broaden my horizons – take every opportunity that knocks at your door and prove your worth. Dr. Pai has been a great inspiration at every stage in KIAMS.”

While KIAMS played a major role in their success, the initiatives the two took were also prime factors in landing their positions.

“As compared to my peers I think that I did a thorough study about the company and relied mostly on the marketing fundamentals,” said Sharma. “Also I had few sessions with KIAMS faculty which enhanced my morale and confidence and helped me a lot to get this job.”

“I started preparing myself for placements since my summer internship program,” said Moroney. “I was lucky enough to get a chance to do a project both in marketing as well as in HR (human resources), both being my major specializations. It cleared my view and gave me a better outlook as to where my actual interest lay and what I should be doing to achieve that – I read books, tried to prepare myself holistically.

She also cited mock interview sessions conducted by Ranjit Kale at the institute, which she said “gave us all an exposure to what our real interviews would be like and accordingly we corrected our flaws. I made it a point to be thoroughly prepared for the interview by reading a lot about the company and gaining knowledge about its latest happenings.”

What do they believe companies look for when hiring?

“One’s confidence, fundamentals, ability to learn and communication,” said Sharma, and Moroney agreed, “The first thing I believe that a company looks in for a potential hire is ‘confidence’. How confidently and correctly you are able to put forth your views.

“The next thing that a company looks for is your knowledge about the subject and the third thing I would say is your body language. How well you present yourself in front of the interviewer, how you make a difference, matters the most.”

Five years from now Sharma sees himself as the regional head in the marketing department at Ashok Leyland while Moroney said: “I would like to see myself soaring high, at every point; growing and learning with organization.”

They are two star students, who, thanks to KIAMS and their own self-confidence, are shining brightly in the business world.

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