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Kalasanchay: KIAMS Cultural Club is a Platform For Student Talent

Posted on: February 29, 2012

There’s more to life at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies than lectures, and Kalasanchay, the cultural club, provides it.

Kalasanchay gives students a platform to exhibit their talents by holding cultural programs and celebrating major festivals from across India to bring students closer to one another and learn to appreciate different cultures.

The club is headed by two representatives on each location  from the current batch who are selected by their peers. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in any event being organized, with the purpose of Kalasanchay being to promote the students’ hidden talent.

The club gets rolling right from the start and co-ordinators say the first event is the Rotunda session where they perform in front of seniors during their initial 15 days on campus as juniors. The first major event is the cultural performances during Operacy, a management festival students organize, with the second being cultural performances at Samanvay, the alumni meet they organize.

Apart from this, the club helps celebrate festivals like Onam, Christmas, Eid, Holi, and Ganesh Chaturthi. Organizing these events is a learning experience that ties in with their studies say the club co-ordinators.

All these events require a lot of effort from everyone involved,” they said, noting they learn teamwork – how to work with people and motivation – how to get people to work. The art of negotiation is also learned “when you have to go to the management to get budgets for the event.”  Co-ordinating the cultural club can be a challenge.

The best and the worst resource to have is people,” said the co- ordinators. “You have to be able to manage them very well. A lot of times
people back out at the last minute or they are just not interested. At such times you have to hold them close and motivate them and get them to work.”

Rather than have a leader or president, the club is headed up by co- ordinators whose role is only to facilitate the bringing together of
people during events and to help manage the events. The two representatives get together the people who are participating in the event.

is very much a student-run club.

The role of faculty is limited,” said the co-ordinators, “as their main objective is to teach us management fundamentals. The most they get involved is to come along with us and sing and dance with us during the events.”

There never seem to be enough hours to accomplish all you want to do, and
one current project co-ordinators have had to leave for their successors is
the creation of a core team of Kalasanchay called Colours that would help
improve the organizing of events through division and delegation of work.

Their advice to those following in their footsteps is: “Know how to get people to work with you and how to say no to things that you know will not work for the event.”

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