Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

“It overwhelms me to see the transition we have been through in such a short span” says alumnus Ms. Archita Panda, who is currently lecturing at KIAMS.

Posted on: July 21, 2014

They say that life moves in circles ‒ that people sometimes, whether intentionally or unintentionally, find themselves back where they started. This could be construed as a negative, and as a sign that you haven’t progressed or developed as a person. That is something that could never be thrown in the direction of Archita Panda, a visiting professor of HR Analytic and Metric Management at KIAMS. For her, life has been pretty round.

Ms. Panda has had a diverse and interesting career that has pulled her in various directions and presented her with countless opportunities. She graduated from KIAMS in 2004, before joining Kirloskar Oil Engine as a Senior Manager from 2004 to 2006; she then joined HSBC working in the HR analytic team before being promoted to a senior HR role. Juggling that with her role at KIAMS and a young family, it has been an all go for Ms. Panda it seems.

As she speaks, it is clear that she is passionate about KIAMS, but this passion is different. It’s not that she is just an employee, it is personal. Since her time as a student at KIAMS, she has felt a strong bond with the college. This is a feeling that has remained with her since she graduated.

She talks with a sense of pride about the development of KIAMS in the last decade. She is very pleased with the recognition that the B-school now receives, from the academic community and international companies, compared to when she graduated. She intertwines her own personal experience of leaving the Institute to demonstrate its progress.

When she was first employed by the Kirloskar Oil Engine, they knew about KIAMS from being in the same geographical area and a part of the Kirloskar group; but, when she moved to HSBC, no one recognized the name of the Institution. She actually had to teach other people about the institute. This paid off, she explains, when another former student of KIAMS came to be employed at HSBC. By then, people at the office knew about the institute: “It took a while for people to know what it was and who the students were, where they are working, and their positions and all. But then, as a brand, we did manage to come far within quite a short span. Today, people know us for who we are.”

Being an educator currently, Archita finds it absolutely thrilling to teach and train the students of her own alma mater. Her classes are highly interactive and students find it easy to relate to her, share their aspirations and understand their weaknesses.

Archita finished the interview by passing on a life lesson for students: “Courage, integrity and competence are very important, you can fake it in an interview but not in a job.” Her circular career, beginning at KIAMS, and working two different high profile jobs with incredible responsibility before returning to KIAMS, puts her in a unique position to give advice to students. And, with her success and intelligence, student should heed this advice.

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