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“I was able to practically use on the ground those concepts that I had read about and discussed in class with the KIAMS faculty” – Rahul Kumar, Batch 14

Posted on: September 10, 2012

For his six-week summer internship, Rahul Kumar was certainly far away from his home-town of Sitamarhi in Bihar. He travelled all the way down south to Bangalore, where he interned with TTK Prestige in their marketing department. A PGDM student with a specialisation in Marketing, this was a great opportunity for Rahul to be thrown into a new job in a new city where he had to find his footing quickly.

Although Rahul lived with his brother during the internship, he made some new friends during his time in Bangalore. TTK Prestige also gave him a daily allowance along with a monthly stipend, which helped with his daily expenses. However, being in a new part of the country came with its own challenges. Language, food and understanding directions could be confusing as well. These challenges only added to the learnings over a dynamic and exciting summer.

At TTK Prestige, Rahul worked as a market analyst. He had to do market research for the launch of a new product, a water purifier, which was to be out in the market in a few months. Rahul had to understand the overall water purifier market by interviewing TTK’s own dealers as well as dealers of other brands. The information included the marketing, promotional, pricing, product and distribution and other strategies followed by different brands such as Puriet, Aquaguard, Kent and TATA.  The exercise allowed Rahul to learn how to do sales and marketing research in an FMCG and Consumer Durables company. It was also great for learning what a company expects from its employee.

At the same time, this internship has allowed Rahul to get practical experience of sales and marketing, which he was always interested in. TTK Prestige was the right offer for him, and before he was offered his profile as part of his Summer Internship Program, he rejected a few others as they did not fit. His gamble paid off, and he immensely enjoyed the fact that he was able to use on the ground those concepts that he had read about and discussed in class with his faculty. Rahul changed strategy for market research in different areas depending upon the type of store, crowd in market, size of market and behaviour of dealers. He learnt the overall market of water purifiers in Karnataka; how companies sell their product, what channels they follow, what different strategies they follow from the point of manufacture to post-purchase, etc. were all things he understood well by the end of his time there. He also learnt what all a company requires before launching any product.


None of this would have been possible without the support of the faculty at KIAMS. Rahul’s faculty guide, Mr. Vinay Bhushan, lent him great support. His almuni guide, Mr. Ankur, shared his experience and helped Rahul correct his process of doing research if he was going in the wrong direction. With such help and such exposure, Rahul is sure to do well in future as well.


–          Rahul Kumar,

Batch 14, PGDM (Marketing)


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