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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

“I learned a lot from the classroom diversity, which inculcated critical interpersonal skills in me”- says student Johnson Peter in a whirling interview post his placement with Coffee Day Beverages

Posted on: May 17, 2015

Johnson Peter had joined KIAMS for his higher management studies with a lot of aspirations in his eyes. He wanted to join a leading brand to begin his professional career in the managerial world. That’s the reason the engineering graduate, who gained quality work experience working with his father in the family business, opted for a PGDM. After two years of gaining insights into the world of management, he has managed to realize his dreams by getting placed with the popular company Coffee Day Beverages.

He will be working as a Sales Executive with the company, and he will focus on B2B sales and supplies in order to expand the bandwidth of company’s sales. “I am very aware of the fact that this is where my career begins and I want to make the best impression from the word go,” he says, confidently. “I understand time management will be crucial as I will also be responsible for relationship building, researching the market and products.”

Johnson admits that he gained a taste of corporate life during his summer internship program with Kalpataru Ltd. Pune. This has prepared him for the challenges ahead. In fact, he believes his entire academic journey was geared towards making him a true professional. “I came to KIAMS because of the strong Kirsloskar brand name attached to it,” he tells us. “But I learned a lot from the classroom diversity, which inculcated critical interpersonal skills in me.”

One of the hallmarks of being a leading business schools in Bangalore is that it offers students an immersive learning approach throughout their academic sojourn. Johnson states this approach helped him tremendously while at KIAMS. “The course work during the two years at KIAMS was designed to provide us with a strong knowledge base in management,” he explains. “The deeper insights I got in different areas of management were immensely helpful as well.”

But maybe more importantly, Johnson was trained to apply these theoretical concepts into practice, which is something that held him in good stead during the placement interview. He also talks about the contribution of his faculty members, saying, “We are incredibly lucky to have accommodating faculty members who not only share their valuable experience, but give helpful advice about the placements from time to time.”

It was their backing and the support of his friends who stood by him throughout the placement process that helped Johnson ace the interview. “I feel this kind of camaraderie is only possible at KIAMS,” he says, reflecting on his time at the institute. “I am truly going to miss my friends who I have come to share a very special bond with. But I am raring to go with my career too.” He leaves us with the advice that those interested in a sales profile should spend some time learning about the field and seeing if they are cut out for it. On the latter note, he definitely seems to have the right qualities for the job.

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