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How to Board your MBA – Flight? – “MBA-001 @KIAMS”

Posted on: June 19, 2015


As we approach the Orientation Day for the PGDM Batch 2015-17, our Director – Dr. C.N. Narayana shares what should participants expect from the program in the form of an analogy of boarding a Flight.

At the Airport:

• Do not bother initially where the co-passengers are from. In KIAMS, “Diversity” unites all the students and you will slowly speak the same language. This will be your first two-day experience boarding the flight.

• You will have an inauguration session with faculty members. You may not remember everyone for sure, and it will take some time to recollect.

• You may get impressed by certain faculty members on the basis of their personality, communication and background, which may change when you attend their classes. Have a deep breath and hold on.

Flight Announcement:

• Then there will be an orientation program that will motivate you to look into various aspects of learning, including experiential learning, which will lead to exploring new paths and questioning the status-quo.

• A week flies by quickly. You are enjoying the flight – “MBA- KIAMS 001”.

• You will make new friends, learn different things in life, and start exploring the many possibilities of life. Don’t worry too much.

Getting Ready:

• In the second week, you slowly understand various subjects. You will meet professors who will mentor you and students who can support you in a team environment.

• Your flight has just arrived by the end of the second week at Harihar or Pune Runway, as the case may be. Now you cannot run away…

Boarding the Flight:

• Now you need to start working on the ground: time management, back-to back classes, assignments, teamwork, clubs, sports, meals, and, of course, time for sleep. But surely it is a BIP (not SIP), a Big Investment Plan, where the transformation begins.

• It is by now, the way of Life and Business as usual.

In the Flight:

• You might have come from different backgrounds: Engineering, B.Com., Science, Pharma, BBA. But you all will go through the same experiences in the first year. Therefore, don’t rush to select your “Electives or Specialization”, though there will be pressure to do so.

• It is quite possible that if you are an Engineer moving from coding, programing or thermodynamics, you might opt to go for finance or Marketing. You need to find out for yourself: what is your passion and what is your strategic plan for the future? Therefore, take a few months, understand the subjects, do SWOT Analysis based on your background and capability to achieve success.

• Then, do some R&D as to where the opportunities are. Don’t go by placements alone – that is just one of the criteria, but not the only one for sure.

• If you are a B.Com. graduate, it is possible that you may like numbers, but if you are not strong in numbers in B.Com., you might want to look at Marketing or and sometimes an Engineer may be interested in CSR and NGO activities and may choose to do specialization in HR.

• You need to give yourself some time and take inputs from professors, as well as those in your batch, and then decide your course of action for specialization. Please do not rush under pressure.

Getting a few bumps is normal:

• You will have ups and downs while pursuing your MBA – it is designed in such a way, so don’t you worry. Just put forth your best effort and continue to work hard, and you might see a significant transformation in just two years.

• In the meantime, take some for yourself. Though it is difficult in the beginning, if you can manage your time effectively, you will surely have opportunities to pursue your hobbies and interests.

• You will find excuses to skip classes, but make sure that you don’t get caught in this trap. What stays in our minds for exams are classroom discussions and visuals. So, be sure to attend class regularly.

It is time to land:

• Two years flies by without you realizing how quickly it has passed. You need to ensure that you are always grounded so that you are ready to take another great flight through your Summer Internship Program, and then the connecting corporate flight to the Final Destination. Again, you are landing and getting ready to face the Real World. Invest these two years with a transformational theme in your mind. This can only ensure that you will be a very successful professional in the corporate world or an Entrepreneur.

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