Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Graduates united in their belief KIAMS key to corporate success

Posted on: November 8, 2011

They hold a wide-ranging array of positions, but one thing Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies graduates have in common – the firm belief KIAMS helped them up the corporate ladder.

Established by The Kirloskar Group of Companies, a KIAMS education provides the same training that has helped the Kirloskar Group maintain its status as one of the most respected business houses in India – it keeps pace with the rapidly changing world of business, ensuring that KIAMS students keep on the cutting edge of today’s technology.

The institute prides itself on high values and honesty, and KIAMS graduate Basharat Abbas said he chose KIAMS “Because of the brand value and integrity of Kirloskar’s.”

With a B.Sc in biotechnology from Vrindavan College, Bangalore University and a Post Graduate Degree in Management (marketing) from KIAMS, Abbas is presently working with in corporate sales.

He credits KIAMS and its curriculum for helping establish him in the corporate world.

“Trust me,” said Abbas, “it is a lifetime experience to graduate from KIAMS. The curriculum is perfectly designed as per the industry requirement – accompanied by perfect environment and wonderful people.

“After my PGDM, I can sense a great change in myself; I am more determined and mature now. It helped me to be more confident in life and understand the value of ‘time’.

“KIAMS education is all about creating entrepreneurs; it has helped me to think beyond the boundaries. KIAMS PGDM is a special course. This course is not just meant for the sake of a management degree, the aim is to create the practitioners, the future managers. The education at KIAMS brings both horizontal and vertical change in your thinking; it makes you think big!”

“The faculty might change over the period of time but their effort, hard work and experience remains in the system always! That is why KIAMS alumni are doing a wonderful job in the industry.”

He credits advice from a faculty member for his successful job interview. “Basharat go for the win and win just for the sake of winning,” he was told.  “Don’t win for any reward or return, win for the taste of winning.” And I just remembered this while giving my job interview and it made a big difference. This made me to be at my best!”

Ramaprabhu RP , with a B.Sc in microbiology from Thiagarajar College, Madurai and a Post Graduate Degree in Management (majoring in operations) from KIAMS, worked three years as a senior executive at Allsec Technologies Ltd. in Chennai and is presently in customer service and telephonic sales with Hindustan Unilever Ltd. in Mumbai.

He chose KIAMS because: “I consider Kirloskar’s group as a potential business house which can steer the Indian economy in the right path like Tata’s or Birla’s. KIAMS used to train managers of Kirloskars and hence I decided the quality of education and knowledge which I will gain will fine tune my skills to be industry ready.”

Professionally, he said, KIAMS “has chiselled me into a fine manager, has thought me to think differently which makes me to stand out

of the crowd and hence get noticed. It has helped me to identify my potentials and has provided opportunities to improve them.”

KIAMS has an enviable record placing graduates in prominent positions and these graduates see even brighter futures down the road.

Rachit Shyam, manager of risk advisory services with Ernst and Young Pvt Ltd., said five years down the road he sees himself as an opinion leader for an industry, or he might start a consulting venture.

Bikash Nangalia, financial analyst with Oracle India Pvt Ltd., said in five years: “I see myself capitalizing on my knowledge to manage a team of financial analysts, managing projects related to process improvement and of course expect myself to be a couple of steps closer to my dreams.”

Presently a program manager with Ashok Leyland Nissan Vehicle Ltd., N. Muthaiah said in five years “I see myself as a program director/deputy director, handling several projects and personnel in the automotive space.”

And Archita Panda, senior executive in human resources with HSBC Software Development India Pvt Ltd., said in five years “I would like to head the human resources function of a small to mid-size company.”

They are all KIAMS graduates and all well on the road to success.

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