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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Gold Medalist Vaanya Bhatia reveals how KIAMS groomed her as a professional and helped her bag her dream placement.

Posted on: April 13, 2015

vaanya-BhatiaVaanya Bhatia, who was recently awarded the Gold Medal for academic excellence at the Annual Convocation ceremony at KIAMS, says that joining the institute was an obvious choice for her. After all, her friends would refer to it as one of, if not the Best College in Pune; and, there was the Kirloskar brand name that was attached to it. But what wasn’t obvious to her was how quickly her life could transform – from an aspiring student to a budding management professional. It has now culminated in her bagging a placement with IKYA Human Capital Solutions Ltd.

The Gold Medal, a plum placement – there’s a lot to celebrate for Vaanya, and that’s exactly what her classmates did when she got the big news. For the girl of the hour, it was the icing on the cake given the exciting journey she had with KIAMS. “Looking back I feel that the academic journey was truly special, and in many ways preparation for the final placements. At every step of the way, it felt like we were studying as professionals who were being groomed, rather than as just students. It was a competitive but very healthy learning atmosphere for me.”

Vaanya seems to have a competitive streak that enabled her to come out at the top of her class. With her competitive spirit combined with the confidence she has gained from the institute will surely translate into her professional career. “I have been recruited as a Management Trainee and I will have a Corporate Finance profile” she explains. “I will get a taste of Mergers and Acquisitions, which I find very exciting. It will be a huge learning experience as I will be learning the practical implications of these concepts.” Her dedication to her new position shows that she wants to make a big impression in her new role.

While at KIAMS, Vaanya made sure that she wouldn’t miss out on anything, be it in her curriculum or the latest industry events. This was all done to ensure that she would be ready for the all-important placement interview. She wants to have the same kind of preparation at her work place, as well: “I want to create a very clear career path for myself and make sure I maintain a healthy work-life balance. Finance is a highly dynamic field but it revolves around the basic fundamentals of the subject. That’s why it’s important to have your basics right.”

That’s something Vaanya managed at KIAMS; however, there were several other factors involved in her learning experience that make her believe that her institute lives up to its billing of being the Best College in Pune.“I think the learning experience here is phenomenal; everything from the campus, which I’m going to miss, to the faculty team is spot on,” she says. “I met mentors with extensive industry experience, which was very helpful. My Summer Internship molded me, and I am where I am today because of KIAMS.” KIAMS gave Vaanya a well-rounded education, where she grew as a student and as a person. This combination of growth is what got her ready for the placement process. And, surely, it has prepared her well for her new role with IKYA Human Capital Solutions Ltd.

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