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Girish A. Patil, KIAMS Alumni – “Not Afraid Of Transition”

Posted on: May 21, 2012

transitionGirish A. Patil, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, joined KIAMS in 1999 after a two year stint in the industrial paints segment. “KIAMS provided me with a solid platform to excel in the art & science of management,” he says. “After gaining some work experience, I wanted to learn the process of corporate decision-making, corporate culture and management.” KIAMS is known to play a significant role in fostering and honing management skills of students belonging to various professional and academic backgrounds, especially engineers. Students are able to utilize the academic infrastructure of the institute to groom themselves into capable management professionals. With the help of an extremely experienced faculty, project-centric curriculum and opportunities,  focus is on the professional growth of its students.

Girish, after passing out of NIT, was immediately placed in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Division of Bosch India, where he spent six years.  He then transitioned into the IT sector by joining Wipro Infotech as a Functional Solution Consultant and is currently handing solution management across a range of industry verticals. When asked how he dealt with the transition into a different industry segment, he said, “Through my work experience, I have learnt to become a functional guy. Learning from the domain of logistics and supply chain management, I went on to implement my domain knowledge into the IT area. I implemented SAP in the logistics and supply chain area and then from enterprise-based applications, I transitioned into mobile applications. I have been able to sense a continuous change in the business process, business dynamics and in the market and have been able to analyze and implement new technologies in the market.”

On the issue of learning and unlearning while being a management professional, Patil is of the view that as managers they are trained to learn from experience. He adds: “My earlier learning has actually helped me welcome challenges and goals in newer areas. I don’t think there is a question of unlearning. For management graduates or people with managerial qualifications, there is no need to unlearn. We need to learn by experience and by that process; we are able to bring about the change that we intend.” Patil’s career graph is a testimony to how students from technical backgrounds can leverage their management education to build a progressive career for themselves which focuses on continuous learning and professional growth.

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