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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Gaurang Bhalerao tells us why he joined KIAMS after gaining work experience and how it turned out to his advantage.

Posted on: May 24, 2017

Gaurang BhaleraoAfter completing his engineering degree, Gaurang Bhalerao was working in the production department of a firm. However, he was keen on understanding various aspects of business, and not focusing only on the technical side of things. He admits that he could have broadened his knowledge on the job but realized that doing an MBA program was a smart way to go about it. “I am glad I made that decision and came to KIAMS because I can now confidently say that I am aware of different elements of business and can make my mark in the corporate world,” says the student of Batch 2015 – 17.

Innovative approach to learning to create independent thinking professionals

Now that he has been placed with Kirloskar Oil Engines, Pune, Gaurang will have his first opportunity to impress in a professional environment. After the practical exposure he has had during his program at KIAMS, he feels ready for the challenges that lie ahead of him. “What was unique about learning at the B School was that there was a huge emphasis on learning by doing,” he says. “Through live projects and presentations not only did we get practical exposure but we became more independent and confident as well. It’s a trait I will need in my professional life.”

Benefits of peer learning

According to Gaurang, at KIAMS you learn in the classroom and beyond. While faculty members mentor and support you, fellow students from different backgrounds help each other with subjects that they are acquainted with. “Being from engineering background I had no understanding of Finance subjects. But my batch mates from commerce backgrounds would help me with these subjects. The environment on the campus was always stimulating and we learned a lot about different cultures, perspectives,” he adds thoughtfully.

SIP prepares for the placement process

However, one of the most memorable and enriching experiences for Gaurang has to be his summer internship program with SR Steel, Pune. The project-based internship in the logistics department was in keeping with his engineering background and interests. Importantly, it helped him during the placement process. “I had to complete three projects in the department, which led to cost savings. Being from the same domain it helped me in the placement interview where I could talk about problem solving, improvements, etc,” he says.

The making of a well-groomed professional

Besides an understanding of how the industry functions, KIAMS also equips students with the soft skills need in the corporate arena.. Gaurang claims to have benefited from that as his communication skills have improved and he finds himself more in control of his emotions, especially in high pressure situations. His advice to his juniors at the institute is, “Don’t let the pressure get to you because the program is hectic but it ensures that you are prepared for the industry. Remain calm and enjoy the experience because it can be a lot of fun too.”

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