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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

From CAT to KIAMS: A Journey Across A Stream – Says, Debashish Sarkar 2012-14 Batch.

Posted on: July 9, 2012

My plunge from the Common Admission Test (CAT) to admission to the Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) was a sure-footed journey, much like a walk along a stream. Circa November 2011: I was in my hometown Lucknow gearing up for the mother of all MBA exams – the CAT. The tense November had been replaced by a chilling December, bringing with it a queue of B-school entrance exams; ‘The Dirty Picture’ was the only island of respite for the lakhs of CAT aspirants.  With the XAT exam behind us on the 8th of January, there hardly was a B-school aspirant who did not party for the next 2 days. 11th January 2012 was the day when CAT results would be announced. A new world would open for those who had cleared the exam, while for the rest it would mean another round of painful soul-searching.

The following week, however, turned out to be a collage of jubilant celebrations, befuddling thoughts and crestfallen faces. There was always the hope of getting a call from a top college, the GD-PI preparations, call conversations and so on.. GD-PI preparations and filling forms for various colleges took up what was left of January, and most of February as well. The tail-end of February offered a last opportunity for a shot at top colleges, via the CMAT.

The month of March ushered in a series of GD-PI events of various colleges. I had my KIAMS GD-PI on the 16th of March. I still remember the 19th of March, my day of relief and utter joy! I had triumphed in KIAMS. Subsequently, the numerous GD-PIs in April and May no longer seemed threatening. I had been granted KIAMS and this is what I had wished for. Towards the end of May, everyone who had made it to KIAMS started gearing up for departures. Shopping and packing became a daily routine.

June seemed to stretch interminably. Every one of those 20 days before the joining date seemed to be competing with the summer solstice. Favourite jeans, shirts and T-shirts had been packed, unpacked, and then packed again for the umpteenth time, and yet the days refused to pass. Finally, when D-day drew near, there were rushed meetings with bosom buddies and victory rounds at relatives’ places, till we all left our hometowns with moist eyes. But we found our smiles firmly back in place at the first sighting of the sprawling campus of KIAMS, lazily stretching out in the benign Harihar sun. The excitement of meeting my room partner, the eagerness to hit it off with new buddies, and the desire to live my dreams to the full over the next 2 years engulfed me in a bouquet of joy. Today, I miss my hometown, I miss my parents and I miss my childhood friends, but I would never want to miss even a single moment at KIAMS…because now, I have a home away from home.

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