Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Finance week takes the Choose The Right Stream campaign at KIAMS into top gear.

Posted on: February 25, 2017

In a bid to offer its students valuable information about different streams of management, KIAMS recently launched a campaign that has seen tremendous success. Choose The Right Stream campaign started off with the lucrative yet often undervalued stream of Finance, which still holds several mysteries for future managers. The week-long campaign highlighted important aspects of the field and offered students a peek into what the future holds for future Finance professionals.

The campaign employed an innovative approach by focusing on classroom quotes, trivia, quizzes and other engaging mediums each day to educate students on the range of Finance ideas and trends. This keeps things interesting for students at all times, while ensuring that students enthusiastically participate. The Finance week began on a high note with a quote from Dr. Revathi Iyer, Professor – Finance and Dean. She reminded students that they have already been learning the basics of Finance at home and that their parents are their first management gurus.

Prof. Gita Madhuri, Assistant Professor, Finance took the discussion further on Day 2 and described Finance as a way of life. She also highlighted the scope for future professionals with Finance specialization. “Not only do you have a wide array of opportunities in the industry but you also have immense scope for career growth,” she said. As students were being enlightened with the particulars of the stream, they were presented with a quiz that tested their knowledge about the world of Finance.

The campaign gained momentum as interest levels peaked amongst students. They participated in a poll that highlighted the relevance of the stream as it discussed the impact of budget. Trivia, as always, attracted everyone’s attention before the week ended with an in-depth article about the role of Finance professionals in the industry. Thus, the week covered all the crucial aspects of the stream and offered students valuable insights. It’s this in-depth view of the Finance world that can help them make the right decision when choosing the stream for their specialization.

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