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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Dr. Anita Kshetri believes academics can be the agents of change for society

Posted on: April 20, 2017

It was a chance opportunity to deliver a guest lecture during her stint as an industry professional that made Dr. Anita Kshetri, Associate Professor, Marketing at KIAMS, realize her passion for teaching. She had worked in the industry for over seven years, but what excited her about teaching was the value you can add to students’ lives. “As you share your knowledge with young minds you are able to shape their careers and they can go on to make a difference to the society,” she says thoughtfully. “It’s this aspect of teaching that drives me to be an academic.”

Dr. Kshetri is considered to be an expert in the field of marketing. After completing her MBA and PhD in the field, she has published several well-received papers in the area of branding, retailing and product development. So what made her choose KIAMS to pursue her academic aspirations? “For starters, it’s the vision and ethos that Kirloskar group brings to KIAMS,” she says. “It is an organization that has believed in a set of values and lived up to them. In addition, as faculty we have strong support to share our knowledge in a dynamic manner.”

Elaborating on the topic, she mentions the fact that at KIAMS faculty members can work with an industry-centric curriculum that is frequently updated. Dr. Kshetri’s own industry experience is leveraged in the classroom through real-life examples that keep things interesting for students. “There are plenty of avenues for faculty team to explore different aspects and styles of teaching. Things are always lively and we have an innovative approach to teaching. I believe the industry experience of faculty members at the institute is a huge advantage,” she claims.

With this holistic approach to teaching, the institute goes beyond knowledge sharing. Dr. Kshetri calls it passing on her knowledge not only to the students but different stakeholders of the society. According to her, education is the catalyst in molding society and she believes it makes all the efforts worthwhile. “People think teaching is an easy profession but that’s not the case. For one hour of class you have to prepare for 4 to 5 hours,” she explains. “It’s particularly imperative today when students are demanding and don’t have patience to learn.”

That’s the reason Dr. Kshetri constantly updates her knowledge through reading. She also molds her teaching style based on students’ understanding and abilities to grasp concepts. The results show as students are transformed into future professionals, academics and entrepreneurs. For her, that’s the biggest reward for a faculty member. “When students mention you as someone who contributed to their career, you are filled with pride. These are the highlights of one’s career as an academic, which you always cherish,” she says with a smile.

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