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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Choosing KIAMS: A wise decision

Posted on: August 30, 2011

Each year thousands of students aspire to enter a reputed management institute. Many of them apply for admission at KIAMS. Students joining this institute have high hopes and expectations. They come with an objective in mind and KIAMS helps them achieve their desired goal. KIAMS is just the right place if you wish to seek a management degree.

The faculty at KIAMS understands the fact that only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. When you get into a managerial position, it would be the practical hands on experience that would be more helpful as compared to the theoretical knowledge. This aspect has been kept in mind while designing the course content of the management courses at KIAMS.

Let us look at what the KIAMS students have to say about the institute and their goals.

Parichita Singh, a 1st year PGDM student at KIAMS (Harihar location) has always been quite career conscious. She says, “My career choice is not an overnight dream, meaning to say, I have not stumbled upon it by chance”. Parichita knew what she wanted out of her life in terms of career and consciously choose KIAMS for fulfilling her aspirations.

She is confident enough that KIAMS would help her fulfil her dreams. “I believe it shall hone my skills and bring the underlying talents in me to the forefront”, said this 1st year student. She aspires to seek a managerial position in a reputed firm after completing the course at KIAMS and expects the institute to facilitate this goal. She also understands the fact that even the institute has certain expectations from each student and is ready to adapt herself to the new environment.

Unlike Parichita, Ekta Maheshwari, another 1st year PGDM student at KIAMS (Harihar location) was not too sure as to which post graduate course she should choose. After analysing the various available options, she finally decided to go for an MBA course. Having cracked CAT with 80% score, Ekta managed to get admission at KIAMS. She chose the Harihar location to begin her journey as a management student. Ekta’s goals are clear and she is confident that KIAMS would help her achieve them. She says, “I plan to pursue MBA with specialization in Human Resource, accounting  for the  fact that I have always believed in valuing the ‘good’ in ourselves, while saluting the ‘better’ in others, which also happens to be one of the key values of KIAMS”.

Anjali Aggarwal, another 1st year PGDM student at KIAMS is quite thrilled about joining this institute. She says, “After getting selected in KIAMS, I couldn’t be much happier. It’s my first step towards my dreams”. She aspires to be a manager and believes that pursuing a management course from this institute would help in fulfilling her aspiration.

There are several other management students who join KIAMS each year with great expectations and the management and faculty members at KIAMS have never let them down. The institute helps these young ambitious students chase their dream and reach their goal.

If you wish to speak to these students, let us know and we can arrange for them to call you.

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