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Barely into his 2nd year at KIAMS, student Saurav Singh is an industry certified “Future Leader”

Posted on: July 20, 2013

S.S. RajputWhat does it take to be a leader?
This was a question that Saurav Singh would ask himself very often, prior to his summer internship. But not anymore.

At the tail end of his first year at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, the buzz around the campus was all about a prominent company from Ahmedabad, Ultra Rich Weddings Pvt. Ltd.Wedding Management, while a thriving industry in the West, is a sector that is now seeing growth in double figures across India. For Saurav, the promise of being able to tap into the markets before the mid-year marriage season was reason enough to apply. He had to undergo a telephonic interview round, on the basis of which 50 students from the best B-schools across the country were selected; Saurav was one of them.

Ultra Rich Weddings targets the niche segment for the entire process of marriages – right from match-making, to wedding planning and honeymoon packages.My summer internship project was targeted on ‘Analysis of sales and promotional activities in Lucknow’.  My first target was to generate revenue for the company through registrations, which includes both B2B sales and B2C sales. My second target was to increase the brand awareness of the company through social media networking sites, showcase our offerings to potential customers and penetrate markets by adopting a well-crafted marketing strategy, thus increasing our network base.”

It was a target that Saurav would not just meet, but actually exceed by a mile.  By the end of his two months of internship, Mr. Saurabh Goswami – the Director of Ultra Rich Weddings Pvt. Ltd. – wrote a personal letter of recommendation to KIAMS, declaring Saurav Singh to be “quite simply, the most remarkable, energetic young leader”. As a part of B2B sales, Saurav was able to establish contact with an astounding 55 Company Heads, ranging from businesses like bridal wear, to caterers, decorators, travel partners, hotels, jewelers, etc. Saurav Singh was, infact, responsible for the maximum number of tie-ups for the company by any intern in 2013. He did not limit the promotion to conventional channels like distribution of pamphlets, but brought his immense knowledge of Social Media –greatly enhanced at KIAMS – to promotional activities on Facebook and Twitter. He used tools of viral marketing extensively and shared links with friends and relatives.

“The MD of the company, Mr. Saurabh Goswami, not only helped all of us but guided us with his experience. I remember that in the first few days of our internship, he told us that the company was his “small baby”. The effort he put was greatly motivating for me as well. He would always encourage me to perform better and this was one of reasons why I achieved the highest sales figuresin the company.”

Saurav believes that leading a race packed with select competitors from top B-schools like Symbiosis Pune, IMT Nagpur, K.J.Somaiya Mumbai, Goa institute of Management and ICFAI Business School did not happen on its own. Every one of the 50 interns spread across the country – Saurav was in Lucknow – was monitored from the Head Office in Ahmadabad.Every day, the interns were required to fill out details of the vendors visited and tie-ups concluded through a TDSS system.Interns were awarded daily points for quantifiable efforts.

“The summer internship was a perfect opportunity for me to explore my potential and gain valuable experience. I took this opportunity to expand my knowledge outside of the classroom. KIAMS has taught me many great lessons about life and also professionalism. In the corporate world we need to be ready to face many new challenges with smiles on our faces. From the first trimester to today, I have met many people with different traits, personalities and temperament. The all have enabled me to enhance my communication skills, adaptability and also my managerial skills.”

The recommendation letter from Mr. Saurabh Goswami goes on to conclude, “Saurav Singh has outperformed the competition that was among the Best B-School interns.” However, Saurav feels that the gain was his as he was allowed hands-on real-world experience which enabled him to deliver on his potential and make key contacts for the future.

“The chance to make a real contribution to Ultra Rich Weddings Pvt. Ltd. was real, right from Day 1.It was daily learning for me from my mentor, coordinator and the people I met. For me, success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. From the very beginning at KIAMS, I’ve been in the presence of some wonderful faculty members with mammoth experience of the corporate world.”

Riding high on this midway success, Saurav Singh is now targeting a job in a leading corporate house on completion of his PGDM from KIAMS. He feels that after this SIP experience, he is ready to take on the challenges of a hi-tech environment and rise to the very top. After all, not many can claim to be bonafide “future leaders”, while still students!

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