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Anshuman Tewari, KIAMS – “Anshuman Gets Going, Interns With Times Mobile”

Posted on: May 21, 2012

Anshuman Tewari, a student of PGDM, program at KIAMS, is one of those students who utilize their free time to go out and test their theoretical training in business management in a practical work environment. Interning with Times Mobile Ltd (The Times Group), a Mobile Marketing company, Anshuman is part of a dynamic team that conducts mobile marketing campaigns for leading brands such as Dabur Vatika, Fanta, Stop Not, Nokia, Carlsberg, Boost, Slice as well as Channel Partner activity for Times Mobile Ltd.

When we asked him to elaborate on what his work at Times Mobile Ltd, entails, he told us: “ I assist my mentor in executing campaigns, dealing with clients, attending market survey calls to make sure they run smoothly, making analysis reports of the running campaigns and also for the completed campaigns ones to adjudge the ROI.” He added: “Times Mobile Ltd. basically offers the infrastructure to conduct mobile marketing campaigns for brands. For example, if Dabur Vatika wishes to conduct a mobile marketing campaign — to reach the end customer and also conduct a market research –they come to us. Their customers are given a toll free number on which they call and hear an automated message. It is easier for customers to take a phone-based survey that helps brands identify customer attitudes, beliefs, demands and behavioural patterns.”

“We also make campaign analysis reports and revert to the client with it, explaining what return they got on their investment from the mobile marketing campaign.” On how an internship is different from classroom training in business management studies, and that too from a leading B-School like KIAMS, Anshuman said: “Through this internship, I am getting complete exposure with respect to B2B sales, campaign management and also the opportunity to independently analyze reports and work on major brands such as Dabur Vatika, Fanta, Carlsberg and such.” Anshuman has come to value this experience as a professionally enriching one and believes that this kind of learning cannot come through a classroom setup alone. However, he is quick to add, he did use the skill sets he gathered at the B-School to independently land this internship with Times Mobile Ltd. “I contacted the Times Mobile Ltd. office and went through an interview to independently pursue an internship. I wanted to gain more exposure in Digital Marketing and so I opted for this internship though I had landed two other offers,” he says.

His internship has given him exposure to marketing, sales, gauging the success of a campaign and additionally, developing a range of other skills which he believes will influence him tremendously during placements at the end of his program.

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