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Anirudh Samanthray, KIAMS 2002 – 2004 – “ While KIAMS Played A Vital Role In Kindling My Passion For Marketing, Pantaloons Ensured That I Got First – Hand Feel Of The Realities Of Retail And Marketing ”

Posted on: May 2, 2012

Anirudh Samanthray is a happy man. After passing out of KIAMS, Anirudh’s first job was with Pantaloons, followed by a stint at Symphony and then Frito Lays. But it was only in late 2010, that he truly got the profile that he aspired for – Product Marketing Manager at IBM. He acknowledges his specialization in Marketing and Retail at KIAMS, as a big contributor to his current profile, but feels that he needs to update his knowledge base.

“The world has changed a lot since my days at KIAMS. Marketing has undergone a complete evolution. In fact, I’ve started feeling the need to pursue a course in Marketing to keep myself updated. Since I have now turned towards a full-fledged Marketing role at IBM, a course would help me raise the bar at my workplace.”

Anirudh might be sitting pretty high in his current profile, but his advice to his juniors in KIAMS is that there are no shortcuts in marketing… only patience and hard work.

“After passing out of KIAMS, in the first few months as an Executive in Pantaloons, I had to work out of the retail office, without any desk space. The world outside is a far cry from the wonderful days at KIAMS, and you have to be prepared for it. In hindsight, I can confidently say that KIAMS prepares you well for the day when you bid farewell to its campus.”

Anirudh dedicates his ability to take on the grind of added responsibility, to the faculty in KIAMS and to his initial struggle in Pantaloon.

“The faculty in KIAMS will always hold a special place in my memory; especially Mr. Anant Ram. I owe my interest in Marketing to him. While KIAMS played a vital role in kindling my passion for Marketing, Pantaloons ensured that I got a first-hand feel of the realities of Retail and Marketing.”

Anirudh’s skills have earned him the undiluted admiration of his colleagues and seniors. His colleagues who worked with him at his next job as a Senior Consultant for PepsiCo at Symphony Marketing Solutions remember him as the person who brought ‘very good domain expertise to Software/ Middleware marketing team’ and ‘comes across as a very smart and dynamic person, high on energy, who has the knack of getting things done. He is very goal orientated in his projects and achieves great outcomes by collaborating with different sales and marketing functions.’

As an individual Anirudh Samanthray is perceived as someone who ‘has this positive vibe around him which makes him a sought after colleague. Personally, Anirudh is always helping and humble.’

To his credit, Anirudh has actively mentored his juniors from KIAMS – both within its campus and outside in the corporate world.

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