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Anil Kumar Yadav chooses kitchen appliance giant

Posted on: June 20, 2011

TTK Prestige chose Anil Kumar Yadav to intern with them. Yadav’s work involved TTK dealers. He worked on a dealers satisfaction survey. He tells us in detail why he chose KIAMS and gives us an insight on what exactly he did during his internship.

Q. Why did you choose KIAMS?

My reasons for choosing KIAMS to do my PDGM were many. The most important being:

KIAMS was originally started for MDPs for company executives. It later stepped into the field of PGDM 13 years ago, ensuring experienced faculty on its panel.

KIAMS is backed by a name all of India knows – Kirloskars. Yet, it does not sell itself aggressively seeking admissions. The name itself is backed by strong values, which is present in very few B-schools.

Q. What did you do in the internship?

In the internship program we were made to do a market survey of dealer satisfaction for a company which deals with all kitchenware items i.e. TTK Prestige. In this 60 days program we had to go to different dealers in different cities and get a form filled which was then analyzed to find out the satisfaction level. This helped us understand the various marketing channel elements, how they worked and their significance.

Q. How has your first year at KIAMS prepared you for the internship?

During our first year the course we were taught all about conducting a survey (SIP), starting with the questionnaire preparation to various tools and techniques needed to analyze the outcomes along with this the marketing fundamentals. The entire process was reinforced through various case studies and lectures. So understanding these concepts on the field became very easy for us and helped us see the real significance of the assignment. We were boosted up mentally as well. We were taught qualities like confidence, how to interact, making presentation etc. It was invaluable and we saw the significance of every teaching when we were in the field. So when dealers were un-cooperative, we did not feel disheartened, and simply went on to the next task.

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