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After bagging a coveted placement, Ishani Ray credits her faculty for moulding her as a professional

Posted on: April 15, 2015

Ishani-rayWhile doing her Masters in Applied Psychology, Ishani Ray developed a keen interest in Industrial Psychology. She knew that her interest could be utilized to good effect in the field of HR, but she was also aware that doing her MBA from a reputed B School was vital in order to make a place for herself in the industry. That’s the reason she chose to come to KIAMS, because she knew of its solid reputation in the world of management education. Her decision has paid off, as she has bagged a placement with WalkWater Talent Advisors Ltd.

Studying at arguably the Best College in Pune has definitely had its advantages for Ishani, who credits it for turning her into a true professional. She reflects on her academic journey, saying, “I got to learn so many new subjects that I had only heard of and was apprehensive about. But with the help of my faculty members and friends, I managed them well and made myself proud. In fact, my faculty members have been supportive of me right from day one and they were the pillars of my learning experience at the institute.”
Ishani admits that she had couple of setbacks during the placement process, but they did not deter her from continuing to work toward her educational and professional goals. She also remains grateful to her faculty members who stood by her through it all. “Their contribution to my placement was immense,” she says, with plenty of gratitude in her voice. “After a couple of interviews, I realized that employers ask certain questions because they expect specific answers. Hence, your answers should be tailor-made for them. I did that and was pleasantly surprised when both me and my friend were selected because we thought only one of us would.”

Now in her role as an associate with the company, Ishani will have a lot of responsibilities on her young shoulders. As she talks about them, she remarks that her stint with the Best College in Pune has prepared her for the challenges ahead: “I will have to work closely with the Director or Engagement Manager for talent acquisition and advisory assignments. I will also be responsible for Candidate Development, Assessment and Evaluation and Process Adherence. I am quite looking forward to it.”

Ishani is keen on proving herself as a dedicated professional and making her institute proud. After all, KIAMS has not only given her a strong platform but an experience that she treasures. “It was my first time away from home and KIAMS taught me how to balance academic life while having fun with friends,” she reflects. “It taught me the importance of adapting in any situation and being responsible for my own actions. I have also made beautiful lifelong friendships, which will always be special to me.” With her outstanding academic achievements, and now her prestigious placement, Ishani offers a template for success for future aspirants.

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