Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies

Abhishek Rath reveals how KIAMS has molded him into a budding professional with a promising future.

Posted on: December 20, 2016


A management student’s journey at a reputed B School begins with apprehension, anticipation and then blossoms into confidence and assuredness. Abhishek Rath, PGDM Batch 2015 – 17 has gone through the gamut of emotions at KIAMS. He describes his journey with the renowned B School in one word – extraordinary. We try to find out why he thinks so and unravel the secrets of learning at KIAMS that have made Abhishek confident about his future.

Out of the box thinking

Abhishek believes that KIAMS gives its students an edge through experiential learning. Importantly they are encouraged to think for themselves and take crucial decisions every step of the way. “Focus on thinking ability is in fact one of the pillars of learning at KIAMS. The training you get at the institute ensures that you look and think beyond the obvious. It has improved my problem solving skills and will hold me in good stead in my career,” he asserts.

Impeccable work ethic

According to Abhishek, an important quality management professionals need to have is solid work ethic. KIAMS tries to imbibe it in its students through academic rigor and emphasis on discipline. “As students we deal with constant deadlines, while keeping up with classes and co-curricular activities. There is no escaping from hard work and time management, which builds our mental endurance,” he says without a hint of complaint.

All round exposure

Abhishek believes that learning at KIAMS is comprehensive because of the versatile and dynamic opportunities students have. There are various initiatives that offer students exposure to the corporate world. “Firstly, our learning isn’t restricted to one discipline alone. Moreover we get to work on research papers and present them at International conferences. There are guest sessions with industry experts that give us an insight into the corporate world,” he describes.

Opportunities galore

Learning while doing and organizing seems to be the mantra for KIAMS students. As they get involved in different activities they get hands on learning experience. Abhishek is a Placement Representative and narrates his experience. “Being a placement representative I also get to see the experiences of all students. I have noticed that there has been a 15-20% increment in average salary in the past year, which is great news for all of us,” he ends with a twinkle in his eyes.



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