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The BUSSINESS IMMERSION forms an important component of education at KIAMS. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the academic institution and the corporate world. At KIAMS, Student interns undertake a 3 months Business Immersion in companies after Term III. The Program carries a weightage of 6 credits. The Business Immersion, which would be a simulation of real work environment, requires the Student interns to undergo the rigor of professional environment, both in form and in substance. In the process, it provides an opportunity for the Student interns to satisfy their inquisitiveness about the corporate world, provides exposure to technical skills, and helps them to acquire social skills by being in constant interaction with the professionals of other organizations. It is compulsory for the student undergoing Business Immersion to successfully complete the course to be eligible for the diploma.

The Business Immersion (Internship) is for a period of 3 months’ duration between April 1 to July 29, 2019.

As per the directives of AICTE, we have schedule online test and please ensure all B19 & B20 students to appear for two - Aptitude and Communication tests of the online Skill tests - Click here